Khayrallah Center Collections


Khayrallah Center Collections


The collections linked at the bottom of this page are the manuscript collections held by the KCLDS Archive.

The collections include materials related to families and individuals, institutional records, and letters among other items.


Moise A. Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora Studies

Collection Tree

This collection has been divided into the following, more specific, collections.

Khayrallah Center Collections
Abdalla Family Papers
Albert J. Ellis Papers
Alex Daye and Maronite Patriarchate Letters
Ameen Fares Rihani Papers and Audio Recordings
Amelia and Joseph Salem Papers
Angele Hobeiche Kmeid-Ellis Collection
Baddour Family Papers
Bearta Al-Chacar Powell Photographs
Bracewell and Rizk Family Photographs
Carolyn Dorroll Photographs
Charles Abed Papers
Collection of Khalil Joseph Letters
Collection of Reverend Tobia Attallah Letters
Creighton Family Papers
Domit Family Papers
Edward and Callie Saleeby Papers
Khouri 2-38 Photo_wm.tif
El-Khouri Family
Farris and Parker Family Papers
Frank Lackteen Papers
Fred and George Kadane Papers
Habit Family Papers
Ishak Family Photographs
Itani Family Photographs and Oral History
Joseph and Thelma Knuckley Zaytoun Papers
Joseph Family Papers
Joseph Stewart Letters
Kahdy and Wehbie Family Papers
Kannan Family Papers
Khalifah Family Papers
Kuri Family Collection
Linda Jacobs Collection
Mack Family Papers
Mansour Family Papers
MarĂ­a Najle and Juan Gait Family Papers
Marlena Daher Collection of Lebanese Immigrant Materials
Moise and Vera Khayrallah Papers
al hoda book_sm_wm.pdf
Mokarzel Family
Moses and Romey Family Papers
Nasrallah Family Photographs
Oussani and Fuleihan Family Papers
Parker Family Papers
Raad Family Photographs
Rabil Family Papers
Safy Family Papers
Saleeby Family Papers
Saleh Family Papers
Shadroui Family Papers
Shapou Family Photographs
Shehdan Family Collection
Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs Records
Tanoury Family Papers
The Romey Lynchings: A Story of Lebanese Immigrants Collection
The World of Kahlil Gibran Collection
oral history cover image-greys.jpg
Thomas Family
Wadea and Aelyas Kassab Memoirs
Wael and Lama Abou-Chakra Papers
Zaytoun and Murman Family Photographs