Reverend Tobia Attallah Letter Collection


Reverend Tobia Attallah Letter Collection


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The Reverend Tobia Attallah Letter Collection is a collection of letters written to Reverend Tobia Attallah who was located in Beit Chabeb, Lebanon. The letters span from 1896 through 1936 and the bulk of the letters are written by Reverend Attallah’s children who are living and working in various locations including Argentina, Brazil, Guinea, Mali, and Ghana. The writers often speak of their business, families, and financial standing. This collection shows one family's emotional turmoil and struggles as they cope with living abroad with limited communication to their family and friends back home in Lebanon.

This collection consists of approximately 200 letters and about 40 various items like envelopes and notes. Some of the latter items may have little or no relation to the Attallah letters, but we have decided to keep them together, as they were given to the Center.

To read more about this collection and how it relates to the broader experience of immigration you can access Dr. Akram Khater's blog "Letters from Afar: New Khayrallah Center collection of letters from West Africa to Lebanon"


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