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Nagib T. Abdou

INTRODUCTION Dr. Nagib Tannous Abdou was born in Beskounta, located in modern-day Lebanon, on February 10, 1876. Around 1892, he left the Levant for…


Publisher: Miscellaneous

This collection contains books published by miscellanious authors and publishers based in the United States; these are books which we have only one…


Publisher: The Syrian-American Press & Al-Hoda Press

This collection contains full texts and excerpts published by the Syrian-American Press.The Syrian-American Press was established by Salloum Mokarzel…

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Creighton Collection

Introduction This collection contains photographs taken and compiled into an album by the twentieth-century missionaries Clara Elise Linn and Roy…

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كوكب أمريكا [Kawkab Amirka/Star of America]

INTRODUCTION كوكب أمريكا, or Kawkab Amirka [Star of America] was the first Arabic-language newspaper published in the United States. It was…

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These collections contain fully digitzed copies of books pertaining to the Lebanese diaspora. Some books are collected in full, while others are…



These collections contain historic documents. Most of the items in this collection are digitized versions of governmental or legal documents. Some,…


Newspapers and Journals

These collections contain historic newspapers and journals.The collections in this group consist of several types. Some, like the North Carolina…

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Family Collections

These collections have been donated by Lebanese American families. They reflect the multifaceted experience of immigrants spanning from the nineteenth…

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The Arcade Memoirs

These materials were provided by Antoine F. Khater.Biography Antoine F. Khater is a poet, translator, and theoretical physicist. Khater was born in…

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Mokarzel Family

Introduction Naoum Antoun Mokarzel (1864-1932) and Salloum Antoun Mokarzel (1881-1952) were influential intellectuals who immigrated to the United…

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The Syrian World

Introduction The Syrian World was founded by Salloum Mokarzel, a Lebanese-American intellectual. Salloum Mokarzel was the younger brother of Naoum…

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The Syrian Business Directory

Introduction In 1908 Salloum Mokarzel (the brother of Naoum Mokarzel, the publisher of Al-Hoda, one of the earliest Arabic newspapers in the US)…

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Thomas Family

Lorraine Thomas interview with Mandy Benter, 2014

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Matthews Family

Images donate by Trey Matthews. Contains images from the Safy and Rabil families.INTRODUCTION This collection contains images and documents pertaining…

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Willett Family

Introduction The Willet family is descended from John Rasheed (Richard) Saleeby (February 15, 1896-June 16, 1969), who was one of the seven children…

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Habit Family

These materials were provided by Franklin Hanna Habit and concern his life and those of his immediate family members. Biography Frank Habit was the…

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Domit Family

These materials were provided by Maggie Saleh and primarily concern the life of her uncle, Moussa Domit, and his immediate family. Biography Moussa…

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Saleeby Family

This collection contains oral histories and recollections created by members of the North Carolina branch of the Saleeby/Saliba Family.…

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Alex Daye (Dayyeh)

Materials consist of letters sent to the Maronite Patriarchate in Lebanon, May-June 1921.

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