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Naturalization Documents

1909-1945. The Petitions of Naturalization are several documents that reflect the process of immigrants to gain citizenship to the United States.…

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Nasrallah Family

Materials provided by Noha Nasrallah, 1940s-1983 and undated.


Kannan Family

These materials were donated by Matthew Kannan.Biography Patrilineally, Matthew Kannan descends from Charles Kannan and Nora Rabil Kannan, immigrants…

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Khalifah Family

Materials provided by Raja Khalifah.Introduction Raja Khalifah was born in Lebanon. As a young man, Khalifah attended the American University of…


Salem Family

Materials provided by Joseph and his son Ron Salem, 1910s-2007 and undated.Introduction This collection contains materials related to the life of…


Saleh Family

Materials provided by Samir Saleh, 1940s-2007 and undated.Biography Samir Saleh’s maternal great-grandparents had spent time in Pennsylvania, and…

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Shehdan Family

Materials provided by Philip Shehdan, 1925-1993 and undated.Introduction Beshara Shehdan Hatem was born in Hamana, Lebanon. He and his brother,…

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Abou-Chakra Family

These materials were provided by Wael and Lama Abou-Chakra.Biography Wael Abou-Chakra, who goes by Al Chakra in America, was born in Beirut, Lebanon,…


Shadroui Family

Materials provided by Michael Shadroui, 1920s-1950s and undated.


Moussa/Abdulbaki Family

Materials provided by Narges Moussa for Moussa family and Abdulbaki family, 1967-2011 and undated.


Raad Family

Materials provided by George and Patricia Raad, 1984-2009 and undated.INTRODUCTION This collection contains materials contributed by George and…


Mansour Family

Materials provided by Eddie, Ernie and Virginia Mansour, 1926-1974 and undated.Introduction This collection contains images and documents pertaining…

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Zaytoun Family

Materials provided by Joseph and Stephen Zaytoun, 1914-2004 and undated.


Khayrallah Family

Materials provided by Moise and Vera Khayrallah, 1960s-1983 and undated.

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Ishak Family

Materials provided by Doumit and his daughter Karmina Ishak, undated.Introduction Doumit Ishak was born in Lebanon in 1983. In 1997, at the age of 14,…

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Bracewell Family

Materials provided by Houda Bracewell.Introduction Houda Rizk Bracewell was born in Beirut, Lebanon, the only daughter of Soumaya Sokhn and Nassif…

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El-Khouri Family

These materials were provided by Marsha El-Khouri Shriver and primarily relate to the life of her father, Joseph Maroun El-Khouri, and his family in…

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Findlen Family

Materials provided by Dorothy Findlen, 1917-1964 and undated.


Tanoury Family

Materials provided by Dahr Tanoury, 1944-2008 and undated.

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