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The Syrian World was founded by Salloum Mokarzel, a Lebanese-American intellectual. Salloum Mokarzel was the younger brother of Naoum Mokarzel, publisher of the Arabic-language newspaper Al-Hoda. Salloum Mokarzel assisted his brother with Al-Hoda Publishing, and in 1909 published The Syrian Business Directory. 

Mokarzel created The Syrian World in order to document and celebrate the culture and history of "Syria," which referred at the time to the modern-day countries of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine. The publication was primarily aimed towards second-generation children of immigrants, but Mokarzel hoped that it would also appeal to the general American public.

The Syrian World was published between 1926 and 1932 as a journal. In 1932, the format was changed from an academic journal to resemble a newspaper; though the length of the articles was greatly reduced, the spirit of the publication remained unchanged. The Syrian World was published in this form until 1935, when several factors--the death of Naoum Mokarzel, which led Salloum to shift his energies towards running Al-Hoda, and the Great Depression--led to the journal's end.

Scope and Contents
The rich and varied articles in The Syrian World cover a variety of topics, including, but not limited to:
  • international and domestic travel
  • historical and contemporary Arabic and Arabic-American art and literature
  • immigrant mental and physical health and hygiene
  • ideologies of race
  • the changing role of women
  • the formation of Syrian and Lebanese-American societies
  • the political and psychological relationships between immigrants and their countries of origin
All issues of The Syrian World are available, along with full indexes and tables of contents for The Syrian World between July 1926 and April 1935.


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