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Date: Unknown
A Habit family's artifact, the Standard Home and School Dictionary.
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John, Frank and Vivian Craddock Habit, Nov. 11, 1951 standing across from Saint Anne Catholic Church after Franklin Hanna Habit's wedding.
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Frank Habit and his new bride cutting the cake at the reception after their wedding.
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Date: Unknown
Built in 1927, the Habit Brothers Building was located at 200-300 South Broad Street – East Side of Edenton in Chowan County, North Carolina. It was a two-story, nine-bay, brick commercial building with corner entrance, boxed metal cornice, recessed…
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Date: May 4, 2010
A photograph of Tony Habit and the pdf of an oral transcript. The hearing was on “ESEA Reauthorization: Improving America's Secondary Schools,” taking place before Senator Kennedy on the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions. Tony…
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Date: Unknown
Edward "Pop Charlie" R. Habit Jr's placement on the roster of death provided by Chowan County. He was killed in action (KIA) at 18 years of age in the Invasion of Normandy, France during World War II.

Caption from [source]: “[B. 1926
D. 6.20.44…
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