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Date: 11/28/1904
A letter from Aziz who reassures his father about his life and work. He asks about his brother Youssuf and whether he needs money or anything else while he is in school. Aziz tells his father that he would send some money when he could and that his…

Date: 3/23/1907
A letter from Aziz who informs his father that business is not going well and that is why he didn't write for a while. He also shares that his brother Salem, is moving to Salem, West Virginia to open a new store. Aziz sends greetings to his family…

Date: 3/19/1908
A letter from Aziz informs his father about Khalil's court case. Khalil had lent some money to a man, Andraws Remanna, but he didn't pay him back so Khalil took him to court.
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