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A copy of a page from the New York Times which features an article on the closing of Al-Hoda. (Folder 2-4-2-18)
Mokarzel 2-4-2-18 Article_wm.tif

A captioned photo of Lila Mokarzel riding her scooter published in a newspaper. (Folder 2-1-7-10)
Mokarzel 2-1-7-10 Newspaper_wm.tif

A copy of an article published in the New York Times about James Zogby and the political organization of Arab Americans. On the top is a note from James Zogby himself. (Folder 1-8-1-7)
Mokarzel 1-8-1-7 Article_wm.tif

A photocopy of a February 1958 printing of Al-Hoda. This edition was published on the paper's 60th anniversary. (Folder 1-3-2-26)
Mokarzel 1-3-2-26 Articles_wm.pdf

A photocopy of the first printing of the Al-Hoda newspaper, which was eventually reprinted for Al-Hoda's Centennial in 1998. Included are stories about President William McKinley, local news, etc. (Folder 1-3-2-1)
Mokarzel 1-3-2-1 Arabic Booklet_wm.pdf

A 1962 issue of The Cherokee Scout. Includes an advertisement for Jabaley's Department store. (Folder 13-12)
Khouri 13-12 Newspaper_wm_fixed.pdf

Volume XI of a Maronite newspaper, The Challenge. (Folder 13-10)
Khouri 13-10 Newspaper_wm.pdf

Pages from the June 23, 1975 issue of The Andrews Journal. (Folder 13-9)
Khouri 13-9 Articles_wm_fixed.pdf

Pages of The Andrews Journal. (Folder 12-53)
Khouri 12-53 Newspaper_wm_fixed.pdf

Joseph, Rose, and son(?) read the newspaper outside on the patio (Folder 2-32).
Khouri 2-32 Photo_wm.tif

An article in the Andrews Journal announcing Joseph El-Khouri's election as an alternate to represent Cherokee County at the Democratic National Convention. (Folder 12-15)
Khouri 12-15 Clipping_wm.tif

An article in the Asheville Citizen-Times about Joseph El-Khouri's biography and public service. Attached was a business card for the Advertising Manager at the Asheville Citizen-Times. (Folder 12-13)
Khouri 12-13 Article_wm_fixed.pdf

An article in the Durham Morning Herald about the Lebanese Civil War and its effect on the El-Khouri family there. (Folder 12-12)
Khouri 12-12 Article_wm.tif

An article in The Cherokee and Clay County Progress about the installation of new Lions officers for the Murphy Lions Club by Joseph El-Khouri, the district governor. (Folder 12-10)
Khouri 12-10 Article_wm.tif

An article in the Andrews Journal about the 50th anniversary of Rose and Joseph El-Khouri and the history of the couple. (Folder 12-7)
Khouri 12-7 Article_wm.tif

A photo published in the Andrews Journal of the El-Khouri family reunion in Charlotte. (Folder 12-6)
Khouri 12-6 Clipping_wm.tif

An article about the NC Lions Clubs donating money to assist CARE (an organization which Joseph El-Khouri was district chairman) purchase supplies to aid Arab refugees. (Folder 12-5)
Khouri 12-5 Clipping_wm.tif
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