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Date: 1930s
A letter from As'ad Attallah who explains to his father the business conditions in Brazil and asks him to be patient and pray for him. As'ad sends 1000 francs to family and sends greetings of Yakoub alBitar to Father Tobia. Date not available, circa…

Date: 1930-01-07
A letter from Nadim Attallah who informs his father that Krouger sends 4000 francs (200 liras) to family and will likely visit them in summer and that there have been no letters from As'ad. At the end of letter Krouger sends his greetings to thier…

Date: 1930-01-15
A letter from Nadim Attallah who updates his father about Krouger's visit to Lebanon this summer and As'ad's condition. Dated January 15, 1930, Mamou, Guinea.

Date: 1930-03-22
A letter to Michael Melhim Ayoub from Masud Musaber which refers to the preparation of documents for passports. Names included: Na'if alSous, Warde alKhouri, Syrian Lebanese Association in Buenos Aires, Halim alMajdalani, Zalve Nahidh, Fadlo…

Date: 1930-06-16
A letter from Krouger Attallah who updates his father on businesses and life conditions. [This is page 1 of the original letter, page 2 not available.] Dated June 16, 1930, Conakry, Guinea.

Date: 1930-06-30
A letter from [name illegible] to the Tax Director of Matn Disctrict in which the sender requests a tax reevaluation of his house. Other names mentioned in letter: Melhim Ibrahin Ayoub Darouich. Dated June 30, 1930, Beit Chabeb, Lebanon.

Date: 1930-12-12
A letter from Krouger Attallah who asks his father about Emili's health, refers to a health problem. He also explains that he has money left with his cousins, but unable to pay him as businesses are not very well. He updates his father about As'ad.…

Date: 1931-06-01
A letter from Nadim Attallah who asks his sister, Angele Attallah, why they haven't written to him and if everything is good. He also asks if they know anything about As'ad and explains that businesses are not running very well. Dated June 1, 1931,…

Date: 1931-06-01
A letter from Nadim Attallah who asks his sisters, Nazha, Angele, and Emili, to host Edel Rachid Habqoq only once when she arrives to village and not to deal with her at all. Dated June 1, 1931, Conakry, Guinea.

Date: 1931-10-15
A letter from Nadim Attallah to his father who writes that he and Krouger are worried because they have not received a letter from the family. Nadim updates them about As'ad. Nadim also asks about Emili's health. Dated October 15, 1931, Conakry,…

Date: 1932-01-12
Grocery receipt paid by Father Tobia. Dated January 12, 1932.

Date: 1932-03-02
A letter from As'ad Zacharias to Father Tobia Attallah. Zacharias describes how business has been bad since 1926. He updates him about As'ad, son, and his family, and asks about the rest of family. Dated March 2, 1932, Altamira, Brazil.

Date: 1932-06-23
A letter from Krouger Attallah and Nadim Attallah who send 400 francs (20 liras) and apologize for the small amout but businesses as they describe are not well. They share that As'ad married Jadete Bizar and apologize on behalf of As'ad for not…

Date: 1932-11-07
A letter from Edma Attallah who reassures her father and family about her, her husband and children, as well as on As'ad and his family. She asks them to keep them in their prayers. Dated November 7, 1932.

Date: 1932-11-06
A letter from As'ad Zacharias who updates Father Tobia about his family and the grandchildren: Fouad, Darouich, Wadee, and Rene. He also shared news of As'ad Attallah: On November 19, 1931 As'ad married Jadete, a good Brazilian girl from a rich…

Date: 1933-03-13
A handwritten receipt to Father Tobia from Emil Nassar. Page 1: a handwritten money receipt paid by Father Tobia of 10 liras for [illegible], and 5 liras for [not indicated]. Page 2: Emil Nassar confirms receiving money for light bulbs and…

Date: 1933-05-23
A letter from Krouger Attallah who asks about family in Lebanon, and his sister Angele's marriage to As'ad Gantous. He updates his father that he moved to another city, Kindia, and businesses are well there. He told his father that he erased his…

Date: 1933-12-19
A letter from Nadim Attallah who repeats his apologies and regrets for what did and prays for forgiveness. He and Krouger sends their greetings for Christmas and New Years. He shares that As'ad Gantous will visit them soon. He and Krouger will work…

Date: 1934-03-20
A letter from Nadim Attallah who sends his greetings and best wishes for Easter to his father and family. Dated March 20, 1934, Kindia, Guinea.

Date: 1934-03-20
A letter from Krouger Attallah who assures his father about their health, but informs him that businesses are not very well and therefore asks him not to cancel the purchase of any properties. As'ad Gantous returned them to Corossa, when he comes…

Date: 1934-04-02
Baptism certificates issued for: Aziz Youssef Polos and Tanious Youssef Polos, and Haikal Habib by Father Francis. Dated April 2, 1934.

Date: 1934-05-26
A letter from [name illegible] addressed to 'uncle', likely to be Father Tobia, sending greetings to family. He also mentioned winning in elections, by likely by Father Tobia. Dated May 26, 1934, Accra, Ghana.

Date: 1934-06-30
A document regarding conditions to open private schools according to law no. 2679, dated June 30, 1934.

Date: 1934-08-23
A letter from Krouger Attallah who confirms what he wrote earlier about Nadim and that he doesn't want to remember him. He updates his father about As'ad Daruoich who is moving with family to Para. He recieved a letter from As'ad, his brother, and he…

Date: 1934-09-04
A letter from Nadim Attallah who sends greetings from him and Krouger to the family and asks why they haven't recieved any letters from them recently. He updates his father that they received letters from As'ad and their son in law that businesses…
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