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A program outlining the history of the Maronite rite, Rev. George J. Webby's biography, the First Solemn High Mass, the dinner menu, speakers, and the benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

Volume XI of The Challenge, a Maronite newspaper.

August 2005 edition of "The Maronite Write," a Maronite periodical.

September 1953 edition of the Maronite periodical "The Maronite Review".

Date: 1999 March
Volume 5, Issue No. 7 of "The Maronite Voice," a religious publication.

December 2013 edition of "The Maronite Voice," a Maronite periodical.

Date: undated
A leaflet of background information and prayer to Blessed Rafqa, a Maronite nun.

Date: 1934
Photograph, with identification of attendees, of the funeral of Eeyoud at St. Anthony's Maronite Church, in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, circa 1934. Rose Isaac El-Khouri was originally from Wilkes-Barre.

Date: 2003
An article in St. Sharbels Light, newsletter of the St. Sharbel Maronite Catholic Mission of Raleigh, North Carolina, about Joseph El-Khouri's reception of the Mother Teresa Memorial Award.

Francis Mansour Zayek was the first Maronite bishop to serve outside of the Middle East, heading the Maronite Apostolic Exarchate in Brazil between 1962-1966. In 1966, Pope Paul IV transferred him to Detroit, MI, to head the Exarchate in the United…

Date: circa 1945
A photograph of Rev. Joseph Michael Maroun El-Khouri, father of Joe El-Khouri, seated in front of his house. Two unidentified men crouch at the bottom right of the photograph.

Date: undated
Caption from Marsha El-Khouri Shiver: "Our Cousin Rev. Maroun El-Khouri."

A thank you note from Pastor Bernard C. Khachan to Kamal Antone for his gift toward St. George's Maronite Church dated September 13, 1977.

A letter from Kamal Antone to Ralph Karam discussing his faith and the Lebanese-Maronite community in Houston, Texas dated April 25, 1978.

Date: circa 1920
A copy of a photograph of Angele Ellis and Mariam Hobeiche (Sister Mary Joseph Hobeiche) at the Hobeiche Antonine Mar Elias Convent in Ghazir, Lebanon circa 1920.

Date: 1990
A copy of a photograph with a written description by Kail Ellis on the history of the Mar Elias Convent in Ghazir, Lebanon taken circa 1990. The photograph resembles what the convent looked like in the 1920s while it went through renovations in the…

A letter from Father Khouri Boutrus Zahre to Angele Ellis, dated 6 August 1951.

A marriage certificate for Angele Ellis from Qattine (spelled Angela, daughter of Cheikh Nehme Ghaleb Hobeish from El-katteen) and Toufic Ellis from Bqaatouta (spelled Toofic Elias Kmayd from Bekahtoota). This certificate is signed by Father Botros…

A document from Walter John Silva, Vice Consul of the United States of America, certifying the signature of Antoine Atallah, Chief of Section, Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Sent from the Republic of Lebanon, Beirut, Embassy of the United…

A baptismal record for Toufic Ellis signed by Father Yousef Barroud, dated 30 April 1962.

A letter from Shukrallah Mobarak to Angele Ellis, dated 23 March 1966.

Date: 1953-11 c.
A letter written by a representative of the Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch Maronites in Lebanon to Angele Ellis thanking her for a donation, unsigned and undated but likely circa November 1953.

Date: circa 1930s
A holy card with a depiction of Mary and Jesus and a prayer from the Maronite Mass. Signed by John A Duffy, Bishop of Buffalo, New York circa 1930s.

A newspaper article written by Angele Ellis (spelled Angele Hbaishe Kemaide) published by Al-Hoda titled, 'A Maronite Mass in a Latin Church,', dated 7 January 1947.

A newspaper article written by Angele Ellis (spelled Angele Hbaishe Kemaide) titled, 'Figure of the Week: Sister Bernadette Mary', dated 1 April 1966.
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