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Date: 2015 July 06
Nell Mettrey Kahdy Scrapbook copy. The beginning of the book features a letter/speech written by Ronnie. The book itself also features a number of article clippings, notes from other family members, and family photos.

Date: 2000s
Nell Kahdy Autobiography, 2000-2014.

Date: 2000s
George Kahdy Autobiography, 2000-2014.

Date: 2010s
Resident Spotlight of Nell Kahdy from The Heritage, where Nell and George lived. The spotlight gives a page-long overview of Nell's life and accomplishments.

Date: undated
Excerpts about the lives of saints and historical figures. Names included: Constantine I, Ephrem the Syrian, Saint Basil the Great, (last name not clear).

Date: undated
Page 1: Literary excerpts. Page 2: excerpts about the life of Viscount Philippe de Tarrazi.

Date: 1954
"Memoirs" by Wadea Kassab recounts Wadea's life from his childhood in Damascus and Bloudan, to his immigration to America in 1889, and through his pursuit of education and a career in dentistry.

Date: circa 1958
This manuscript by Aelyas Kassab is a history of the Kassab family and a biography of Aelyas's own life. It begins with Aelyas's grandfather Elyas Kassab, born in 1814, and traces the family through the 19th century

An article that includes an interview with Joseph Zaytoun about his life and work. Includes a list of all of his accomplishments and affiliations.

A typed biography of Joseph Zaytoun that includes various sections listing his accomplishments and affiliations

Date: 2007 June 4
A newspaper article published after the death of Magdalen Parker Mileski. The piece is a remembrance of her many years of teaching and the influence she had on her former students as a demanding, yet kind, high school English teacher. The article…

An newspaper article profiling the youngest daughter of Sam and Helen Parker, Magdalen Parker Mileski. At the time of the article, Mileski was an English teacher at Ragsdale Senior High School in High Point, North Carolina. The article details her…

Date: undated
A typed document written by one of Alma Farris's grandchildren, Lee Anne. It contains some of her childhood memories of spending time with her "Sitho" (grandmother) in Elizabethtown, North Carolina.

Date: undated
A typed document written by one of Alma Farris's grandchildren, Kathryn. It contains some of her childhood memories of spending time with her "Sitho" (grandmother) in Elizabethtown, North Carolina.

Newspaper article from August 27, 1964, concerning the death and funeral of Shikrallah Farris. Farris died from a sudden heart attack on August 21, 1964. The article provides a photograph of Farris, a brief biography of Farris, an account of his…

Date: 2019
A family history written by Maximo Kuri focused on his father's side that documents his family's life in, and leading up to leaving, Lebanon and the life of the Khourys in South Africa, in Mexico, and in Canada.

Date: 1946 April
Autobiography of Fred A. Kadane, titled "The Story of My Life."

A biography of George Kadane Sr. by Fred Kadane, dictated to Hannah Kadan in Wichita Falls, Texas on Stepmber 9, 1945.

Date: undated
Biographies of Fred A. Kadane Sr. and George E. Kadane from unknown larger collections of biographies.

Program booklet for the celebration of Father Samuel B. David's elevation to Archpriest. Includes a biography of Father David, a program for the event at the Hilton Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and a list of patrons.

Commemorative booklet for the dedication ceremony of St. Anthony's Antiochian Orthodox Church of Butler, Pennsylvania. Includes a biography of Metropolitan Philip Saliba, a brief history of St. Anthony's, correspondence, messages from local sponsors…

Date: March 2015
This timeline of the life of Father Nicola Yanney was written and compiled by Fr. Chirstopher Morris of St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church in Kearney, Nebraska with the help of the Yanney family. Fr. Nicola Yanney was an important figure in the…
Yanney, Nicola timeline.pdf

An article published in The Yadkin Ripple concerning Corey Martin (son of Theresa El-Khouri and Phil Martin) and his recruitment into the Chicago Cubs. (Folder 12-52)
Khouri 12-52 Article_wm_fixed.pdf
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