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Date: undated
The family tree of Nellie Khoury Abraham and Felix Khoury, drawn from Father Usef's History of the Village.

Date: undated
Handwritten family tree detailing 13 generations of Moussa Domit's family lineage. Though undated, it was created after 1972.

Date: undated
Handwritten family tree, likely made using information in Father Yousef's account.

A narrative family tree "based on the village church records of births, baptisms, marriages and deaths and some oral history, which were compiled in 1934 by Father Yousef (Kalem Cory's father)," priest of the village referred to in the document as…

Date: 2019
A family history written by Maximo Kuri focused on his father's side that documents his family's life in, and leading up to leaving, Lebanon and the life of the Khourys in South Africa, in Mexico, and in Canada.

Date: Unknown
A hand-drawn family tree of Marsha El-Khouri and her two children, based on genealogy from Lebanon.
El-Khouri_family tree1_wm.jpg

Date: 2009
This video was donated by the Mack family. It was first created in 2007 and updated in 2009. It contains a history and pictorial family tree of the Mack family, and was created for use at family reunions and celebrations.
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