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Date: circa 1920
This manuscript by Ameen Rihani recalls the historic contributions of Arabia to Civilization and includes some of the poetry of Arabia. He begins with a brief history on Arabia it is also within this portion of the book that he includes poetry from… PDF.pdf

Date: 1918
This manuscript is a fictional novel by Ameen Rihani titled Dr. Della Valle. It follows Giuseppe Della Valle and is set in Naples, Italy. The story begins with Beatrice, Giuseppe's older sister growing sicker and sicker until her early death. Due to… PDF.pdf

Date: 1932
An unpublished manuscript by Ameen Rihani titled "In the Land of the Mayas", in which Rihani recounts his experience while travelling through the Yucatan peninsula. Rihani predominantly discusses the possibility that the Phoenicians may have first… PDF.pdf

Date: undated
An unpublished manuscript titled "Iraq" by Ameen Rihani which details Iraq from his personal experiences within the country. It is split into five parts each discussing different moments from Rihani's travels and experiences within Iraq. Part 1 PDF.pdf

Date: undated
This manuscript is a novelette by Ameen Rihani titled Juhan. It is described in the manuscript as, "A Turkish woman has her way, during the World War, with a German officer." The novel is important for the attention it pays to the changing social and… PDF.pdf

Date: 1912
A book detailing Layyah A. Brakat's life that focuses primarily on her religious testimony.

Date: 1896
A photograph of a peddling Syrian woman in New York and an accompanying caption. These pages are from the book "Street Types of Great American Cities" by Sigmund Krausz, published in 1896.
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