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Date: 1920s
A photograph of a large group of people sitting in a car, possibly in Germany. Joseph, Gladys, Isabel, Margaret, and Leonard Oussani near the back of the car.

Nell Mettrey Kahdy's Certificate from the Goethe-Institut for studying German Language and Literature from June 27, 1956, to August 27, 1956, issued August 19, 1956.

Date: undated
A straight razor in a case from the brand Daniel J. Faour & Bros. The case notes that it was made in Germany and includes engraved depictions of flags and Joseph Bey Karam on one side. Note from the donor: The brothers owned the first Syrian bank in…

Date: circa 1940s
Philip Moses reading a copy of the Lake City Reporter newspaper in Southern Germany. A sign behind him says 30 kilometers to Heilbronn and 86 to Stuttgart.

A photograph of Henry Zaytoun standing in front of an L-5 plane on the Heidelberg Air Strip. He wears a dark-colored jumpsuit and white cap with his hands in his pockets. The back states, "L-5 in which we flew to [illegible] Hiedelberg air strip."

Date: 1935
نسخة من رسالة امين الريحاني الى احد القضاة* بتاريخ لم يذكر 1935. الريحاني يشرح للقاضي ما جاء في كتابه "قلب العراق" عن الاثار والحملات الاجنبية وخاصة الالمانية للتنقيب عن هذه الاثار، ومدافعا عن مبادئه في الكتابة "وطنية وادبية وانسانية".

* جاء في…

This manuscript is a novelette by Ameen Rihani titled Juhan. It is described in the manuscript as, "A Turkish woman has her way, during the World War, with a German officer." The novel is important for the attention it pays to the changing social and… PDF.pdf
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