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Date: شباط1934
نسخة من رسالة امين الريحاني الى ابراهيم* بتاريخ 27 شباط 1934. في هذا الصفحة يتحدث الريحاني عن لجنة تنسيق قادمة البرازيل الى بغداد - لم يسمها او يذكر السبب ورائها. ثم يذكر ابن اخته اديب ومجموعة صور - لم يحددها الريحاني - ليعيدها اليه.

* هذه هي…

رسالة من ياسمين لوزي ياسمين الى امين الريحاني بتاريخ 14 شباط 1937. ياسمين تاجر سوري مهاجر مقيم في البرازيل وهو معجب بادب وكتابات الريحاني، الرسالة عبارة عن عبارات ثناء واعجاب بالريحاني، كما يقص ياسمين للريحاني هويته وبعض الاشخاص الذين يعرفهم - تحتوي…

Date: 1947 June 01
A letter from Yousef Hobeiche to Angele Ellis, dated 1 June 1947.

Date: undated
An envelope addressed to As'ad Darouich Zacharias in Para, Brazil

Date: undated
An address card for As'ad Darouich Zacharias [As'ad Zakaria] in Para, Brazil.


A letter from As'ad Attallah who updates his father on the situation in Brazil following the revolution. He asks to know the cost and model of the printers required to open a newspaper or magazine in Lebanon and in his next letter he will send him…

A letter from As'ad Zacharias who updates Father Tobia about his family and the grandchildren: Fouad, Darouich, Wadee, and Rene. He also shared news of As'ad Attallah: On November 19, 1931 As'ad married Jadete, a good Brazilian girl from a rich…

A letter from As'ad Zacharias to Father Tobia Attallah. Zacharias describes how business has been bad since 1926. He updates him about As'ad, son, and his family, and asks about the rest of family. Dated March 2, 1932, Altamira, Brazil.

Date: circa 1930s
A letter from As'ad Attallah who explains to his father the business conditions in Brazil and asks him to be patient and pray for him. As'ad sends 1000 francs to family and sends greetings of Yakoub alBitar to Father Tobia. Date not available, circa…

A letter from Krouger Attallah who asks about Nadim's travel with Melhim Rahhal and requests that his father sends back the sponsorship documents which Krouger sent earlier. Krouger informs his father that he hasn't got any letter from As'ad, but he…

Date: 1929 May 15
A letter from As'ad Attallah who updated his father about his conditions and work and sends 1000 francs to the family. Dated May 15, 1929, Para, Brazil.

This is page 1 of original letter, second page missing. As'ad confirms to his father receiving his letter via Mr. Chukri alBitar, but argues his father about telling Chukri about As'ad's life and what he wrote his father earlier

Date: 1927 May 26
A letter from Krouger Attallah to his father noting that he had not received a letter from his father in 3 months, and asking him to confirm the receipt of a check and wire transfer that he had sent him. He also briefly lets him know that he received…

A letter from As'ad Attallah who reassures his father about himself. He is at their son in law's, As'ad, near the Amazon River. The son in law has lost in the rubber business. As'ad will stay in Brazil for few months and if things didn't go well then…

A letter from Jirji Libnan who was asking Father Attallah to confirm whether Jirji's wife in Lebanon had passed away, and if she did then he requested an official notice of her death so that Jirji can remarry in Brazil, dated April 5, 1924.

A letter from As'ad Zacharias who informs Father Tobia of his moving to Altamira and asks him to write to him often at this address. Also, he promises to write regularly to Father Tobia. Dated February 27, 1922, Altamira, Brazil.

Date: circa 1919
An application for employment certificate for M. J. Rizgalla applying to work at Lawrence Telegram Department. It lists his residence as 500 Common St., place of birth as Brazil, and age as 14.

Date: 1923
Al-Kalimāt Al-Khālida, الكلمات الخالدة [Sincere Words] is a collection of speeches and writings written by Salwá Salāmah Aṭlas. It was published in 1923 in Sao Paolo, Brazil.
Salma Salaama Atlas, Jurj Atlas - al-Kalimat al-Khalida_o.pdf

Date: 1981
The Arcade Memoirs: Selected Poems 1970-1980 was the first collection of poems written by Antoine F. Khater. Published in Brazil, the poems center on Khater's experience of the Lebanese Civil War and his eventual immigration to Brazil. The poems…
Antoine Khater _  poems Binder_wm.pdf
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