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A letter from Ameen Rihani to Sir Sasun Haskail, Minister of Finance in Baghdad, Iraq, dated September 1, 1924.

مذكرة مقدمة من امين الريحاني الى الملك عبد العزيز تحتوي على ستة عشر بنداً تتمحور اغلبها حول الحجاز واستقلاله والمعاهدة النجدية الحجازية، والشريف حسين بن علي واولاده، والسيطرة الاجنبية على البلدان العربية خاصة سوريا وفلسطين؛ والسياسة البريطانية…

رسالة من شكيب ارسلان الى امين الريحاني بتاريخ 22 تشرين الثاني 1931. يشكر شكيب الريحاني على ما فعله الاخير مع عادل ارسلان - لم يذكر تفاصيل. كما يخبره بقرائته لكتابيه ملوك العرب وتاريخ نجد. ويناقش مع الريحاني موضوع "الوطنية" ومن هو "الوطني"، وتطرق الى…

رسالة من امين الريحاني الى الملك عبد العزيز بتاريخ 27 ايار 1934 (13 صفر 1353). يتحدث الريحاني عن التقارب العربي برئاسة عبد العزيز ابن سعود الايطالي البريطاني لهزيمة الانتداب الفرنسي في سوريا ولبنان. وكذلك الحرب السعودية مع اليمن، واقتراح او طلب…

A copy of a photograph of Angele Ellis and a travel companion on the R.M.S. (incorrectly spelled MHS) Homeric, which departed from Cherbourg, France on 15 September 1926 and arrived in New York on 22 September 1926.

Date: 1926
A copy of a photograph of the White Star Line S.S. Homeric on its voyage from Southampton to New York via Cherbourg, France. Angele took this ship from Cherbourg, France when she emigrated from Lebanon in 1926.

Date: 1926
A copy of a photograph of Angele Ellis, Zakia Sukarye (Zakia Haddad), and other unknown women ast the Marseille Zoo in Marseille, France, dated 1926. Angele and Zakia stayed in Marseille while their immigration papers were prepared and processed…

Date: 1926
A copy of a portrait of Angele Ellis in Marseille, France, dated 1926.

Date: undated
A photograph of Alfreda Ellis and Jouhaina on Eiffel Tower card


Date: 1926 May 31
A passport for Angele Hobeiche, dated 31 May 1926.

A marriage certificate and birth certificate from Mayor Khouri Elias al Zammar of Keserwan District for Angele Ellis.

A letter from Mariam Hobeiche to Angele Ellis, dated 11 October 1926.

A postcard from Farria Afifa to Toufic Ellis and Angele Ellis, dated 13 August 1985.

Date: 1986 June 28
A postcard from Namtallah Hobeiche to addressed to Mrs. Angele Ellis, 514 West Street, Carthage, N.Y., 13619, U.S.A., dated 28 June 1986. Sent by Airmail from Paris, France. Contains two French stamps.

An affidavit written by Warren G. Richardson and Henry N. Andre on behalf of Toufic Ellis (spelled Toufee Tarrad Ellis) for the American Consul in Marseille, France. This was written and sent to Marseilles, France in order to help Angele Ellis…

Date: circa 1940s
A holy card with a depiction of Jesus made in France circa 1940s.

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Date: 1914 July 22
A copy of a list of passengers, mentioning Toufic Ellis, coming from Lebanon to the United States on the S.S. Oceanic from Cherbourg, France, dated 22 July 1914.

Date: 1987
A scanned chapter of a book titled, 'Illustrated History of the Lebanon' published in 1987 written by Nayla DeFreige and Maria Saad. Illustrated by Fadlallah Dagher.

A postcard to Kail Ellis from Carlos from Paris, dated 19 September 1960

Date: undated
A card addressed to Kail Ellis from Carlos, undated

Date: circa 1928
A postcard by Pierre Yves Petit (aka Yvon) depicting the Place de la Concorde and the Luxor Obelisk in Paris, France.

Date: 1967 July 06
George and Nell Kahdy smile and stand together in formal clothing as they are surrounded by a crowd. George Kahdy is wearing a dark suit and tie and Nell Kahdy is wearing a dark dress and white gloves. Back caption reads, "George and Nell Kahdy in…

Date: 1950s
Mary Wehbie holding her coat and standing on the sidewalk of a busy street with stores and cars in the background. The back of the photo says, "Mother in Marseilles. Mary Wehbie Lebanon trip 1950s."

An envelope from Hotel Du Mont. Liban addressed to Father Tobia Attallah at Beit Chabeb in Lebanon, dated December 9, 1925, Marseille, France.

A letter from As'ad Attallah who describes to Father Tobia his journey of arriving to Marseille and sends his greetings and wishes for the new year. Dated December 31,1923, Marseille, France.
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