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Date: 1931 June 20
Birth Certificate for Stallions bred by the state of Lebanon. The document states that the product, named Watfa, was born on June 20, 1931.

Birth certificate for Stallions bred by the state in Lebanon. The certificate states that the "product" is a stallion named Joad. The document also lists that the mother is Gbiyrah and the father is Kaurukal. The mare is listed as belonging to...

A marriage certificate and birth certificate from Mayor Khouri Elias al Zammar of Keserwan District for Angele Ellis.

A letter from Yousef Hobeiche and Kail Ellis to Toufic Ellis, dated 7 August 1958.

A letter from from Badiha Moukarzel who requests her marriage and birth certificate because she wants to divorce her husband. Dated August 6, 1948, Cote d'Ivoire [Ivory Coast]

A letter from Gadda Georges Nassar who asks Father Tobia to prepare her birth certificate, her father: Georges Nassar, her mother: Nour Habib. Dated October 22, 1940.

Baptism certificates issued for: Aziz Youssef Polos and Tanious Youssef Polos, and Haikal Habib by Father Francis. Dated April 2, 1934.

Father Tobia is asked to prepare certificates of marriage and baptism for: Nakhle (Yahia?) and Melekeh (marriage & baptism), and Victoria, Elias, Mansour and Melvina (baptism). years and locations of birth, and names of churches are listed. Dated…

Date: 1904 April 4
This birth record, issued by the City Clerk's Office of Lawrence, Massachusetts, on April 4, 1904, confirms George Akel's birth as June 20, 1903. It provides further information about George, including place of birth, 383 Elm St., name of father,…

A Certificate of Birth issued in Manchester, New Hampshire, certifying Karam Baider's date of birth as October 2, 1905. It lists Karam's father as Alexander Baider and mother as Mary Haaan. It is signed by William J. O'Brien, City Clerk.

Date: 1926 Jan 23
A birth certificate, issued on January 23, 1926, from the City of Lawrence City Clerk's Office, certifying that Rose Kanan was born on October 15, 1909, to parents Thomas and Sarah Peter Kanan.

Date: undated
A birth certificate issued by the State of Connecticut Department of Health certifying that Josephine Mallouf was born March 15, 1914, in Bridgeport, Connecticut. It lists the father's name as Moses Mallouf and mother's name as Sara Mallouf.

Date: 1910
A birth certificate, issued by Manchester, New Hampshire, City Clerk (City record vol. 9 p. 487), certifying that Elias Samaha was born November 20, 1910, to Saleem Samaha and Rose Habib.

Date: 1930 Nov 5
A birth certificate issued on November 5, 1930, by the City of Cleveland Bureau of Vital Statistics certifying that Victoria Nostas Zarzour was born on October 29, 1930, in Cleveland to Ablon S. Zarzour and Sarah Hamsay Zarzour.

Date: 1959 July
A scan of Stephen Carter Rabil's birth certificate from July 14th, 1959, issued by Johnston Memorial Hospital in Smithfield, North Carolina, and signed by the attending physicians. The back of the certificate has Stephen's footprints in blue ink.

A scan of Alma Parker's birth certificate. Alma was born on January 31, 1917, and the certificate was issued on August 7, 1975, in Edgecombe County.

Date: 1911 June 30
Birth certificate for Margaret "Peggy" Domit Moses, issued June 30, 1911, in Creighton, Pennsylvania.

The official birth certificate of Agnes Zaytoun signed by Catherine Cooke of the Register of Deeds of Lenoir County, NC. Dated January 11, 1923.
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