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The book includes the memoirs of Gabriel Ward who enlisted in the US Army and fought in the Spanish-American War in Cuba, in the Philippines War and in WWI. In addition, it includes biographies of other Lebanese and Syrian soldiers who fought in WWI…
The Syrian Soldier in 3 Wars by Gabriel Elias Ward_wm.pdf

The History of the United States and the History of Syrian Emigration by Basil M. Kherbawi. Though split into two files here for readers' convenience, the two were published as one volume, in Arabic for immigrant readers, in 1913. Kherbawi was the…
history of the united states_wm_red.pdf

The baptism certificate for Margaret (Peggy) Domit Moses, signed by the pastor, with the names of her family and sponsors.
domit-baptism certificate-aunt peggy-1911_wm.jpg

Handwritten autobiographical notes made by Maron Domit Barkett written in February of 1939. Some of the overlaps with the diary that Barkett kept between 1905-1915, focusing on his marriage, the birth of his children, and ending with the death of…
barkett--1939 journal_wm.pdf
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