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A letter from Aziz informing his father about Khalil's court case. Khalil had lent some money to a man, Andraws Remanna, but he didn't pay him back so Khalil took him to court.

Date: undated
A letter to a Bikfaya government bureau to request an investigation of the illegal cross of Youhanna and Youssef Abu Mousa on the land of (names not available).

Volume 3 Issue 08 of The Syrian World published February 1929. The issue begins with an article by Joseph W. Ferris titled "Restriction of Immigration." This article relates to the National Origins Clause in the Immigration Act of 1924, which…

Volume 5 Issue 03 of The Syrian World published November 1930. The issue starts off with an article by Dr. F. I. Shatara discussing the New British Policy in Palestine. Shatara, a Palestinian Arab, followed the events closely and wrote an article…

This manuscript is a collection of various writings by Ameen Rihani. These articles cover everything from law, theatre, to Rihani's writings on specific literature. Further there are articles that discuss historic figures and events, as well as a few…

A letter concerning the estate of Zelma C. Deberg. Included in the envelope was a "bottled out of bond of the U. S. government" label, which is likely from the early 1970s as well. (Folder 8-4)
Khouri 8-4 Letter_wm.pdf
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