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Date: circa 1926
A copy of a wedding photograph of Nahde Hobeiche and Yousef Hobeiche circa 1926.

Date: 1925
A wedding photograph of Angele Ellis and Toufic Ellis in Harissa, Lebanon.

A photocopy of a letter from Yousef Sukarye to Angele Ellis, dated 26 November 1926.

A letter from Father Toubia Turk to Angele Ellis, dated 6 February 1930.

Date: 1966 May 14
An anniversary card and stamped envelope from Kail Ellis to Angele Ellis and Toufic Ellis, dated 14 May 1966.

Date: 1987 June 18
An envelope, letter, and newspaper clipping addressed from Angele Ellis to Kail Ellis, dated 1987 June 18

Date: 1923-1930s
Diary of Elias Nakhleh (Najle in Spanish, and father of María Najle) who was from the town of Yabroud in Syria. It starts with his immigration to La Cumbre, Argentina in December 1923, and then goes on to detail his life there including the passing…

Date: 1919
A divorce contract defining property ownership between the separated couple, Joseph Oussani and Gladys Oussani, signed 13 August and 29 July 1919.

A handwritten letter from Georgette Kahdy to her sister Barbara Estes in which she compliments Mettrie and John Lari's relationship. She also thanks Barbara for a pillow she sent. Dated April 2, 2006.

Date: 1985 July 10
A handwritten card from George Kahdy to his daughter Barbara Estes. In this card, he sends his congratulations after Barbara sent news that her and Jim Estes were to marry. He talks about the weather and the event that Nell Kahdy is putting together…

Date: 1900 June 17
A letter from Khalil to Asaad Butrus Raad. After writing greetings to all of the family, Khalil asks the hand of Asaad's daughter, Shafiqa. He asks him to talk with his father about arrangements and details.

Date: circa 1900
A letter from Khalil who expresses his love and admiration of Shafiqa and asks for her hand in marriage so she can come to the United States with her brother Aziz. *The letter is undated, but due to the context we assume it was written between June…

Two letters: One from Khalil to his uncle, Asaad, apologizing for writing to him late due to work, asking about family and friends, and sending greetings. The second letters is from Aziz to his father, Asaad, telling him about the marriage of Khalil…

A letter from Khalil who tells his uncle that Salem, his brother, is not going to Lebanon this year and he wants him to ask about a lady, Helen, for his brother to marry. He asks his uncle to request approval from her and her family.

A letter from Khalil who asks his uncle to confirm whether he talked to Helen's family about a marriage with his brother Salem and whether money is needed.

Date: circa 1905
A part of a letter (first part missing) from Khalil which discusses the marriage of his brother Salem and the details of the proposal to the bride's family.

Date: 1905 June 08
A letter from Salem Youssuf who asks his uncle why he hasn't heard or received any letter about the marriage matter. He sends greetings to family and friends.

Date: 1905 July 24
A letter from Salem who tells his uncle that he is visiting Lebanon to talk about the marriage matter. He sends greetings to family and friends.

A letter from Salem who informs his family he won't visit due to work issues. He asks them to request another lady's hand so she can come with Youssuf.

Date: 1915 June 12
A letter from Aziz who reassures his father about business and shares news of friends and family in diaspora.

A letter from Nadim Attallah who asks why he doesn't receive letters since Krouger does and asks whether they are angry at him, or denied his kinship. He explains that he got married to his cousin, Laurice, and they have a son, Joseph

A letter from Krouger Attallah who assures his father about their health, but informs him that businesses are not very well and therefore asks him not to cancel the purchase of any properties. As'ad Gantous returned them to Corossa, when he comes…

Date: 1933 May 23
A letter from Krouger Attallah who asks about family in Lebanon, and his sister Angele's marriage to As'ad Gantous. He updates his father that he moved to another city, Kindia, and businesses are well there. He told his father that he erased his…

A letter from Krouger Attallah who asks his father to help Mansour Faris in his divorce from his wife and he will pay 2000 francs. Krouger will send 1000 francs to his family. Dated August 16, 1928, Bisskirima, Guinea.

Date: 1926 June 16
A letter to Father Tobia which likely requests certificates of baptism for: As'ad [last name not clear] and Najla Gabriel (married on May 1st, 1926), and Joseph Kalil and Frangier [last name not clear] (married on May 8, 1926). Years and locations of…
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