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Date: 1932
A "baby's record" book for Neville Fuleihan. The book is mostly empty but contains a letter regarding Neville's name change.

Date: 1921
A certificate/diploma for Nasri Fuleihan certifying his new rank of Maitre or Master within the Freemasons in June 15, 1921. The document also states he was born in Cyprus in 1891 but moved to Mansourah, Egypt. It is signed by various members of the…

A letter from As'ad Zacharias who informs Father Tobia of his new born baby, Fouad, and reassures him about his wife. He also tells him that businesses are not running very well specially after the war ended. Dated August 29, 1921.

A letter to Father Tobia Attallah from Mansour Elias AlBitar. Mansour informs Father Tobia of the birth of his son but with a medical/physical condition, he was born without [anus], and underwent several operations. Mansour asks Father Tobia if he…

Date: circa 1990s
Handwritten list of birthdays by month. Names crossed out when deceased.

Date: undated
List of family members, their years of birth, and their ages during years of the 1980s and 1990s.

A letter in Arabic handwritten by Father Kouri Youssef Awn on December 25, 1912, to confirm the birth of an individual whose name is illegible.

Date: undated
A Physician's Certificate signed by M. Schwartz, M.D., certifying that Toofic Abdo's age was at least 16. This record lists Abdo's residence at 393 Elm St., Lawrence, Massachusetts, and place of birth as Syria.

Date: 1918 June 25
An Arabic letter, handwritten by Rev. G. Bostany on 25 June, 1918. Letter confirms the birth of Ogene Abdulla Al Siah on June 14, 1904, and states that her baptisim occurred in Deir el Qamar, Lebanon, at the Church of Saidet et Talle, by Father…

A City Clerk's Office record detailing the birth of Nezira R. Abounader on May 8, 1904, in Worcester, Massachusetts. This copy of her original birth record was created on August 18, 1910, but the original birth record was created in January, 1905.…

A handwritten letter in Arabic and English, certifying Sadie Aboushar's age as 16 years and three months. The letter states that she was born on June 3, 1897, and was baptized on June 20, 1897. The letter also provides the name of Sadie's father,…

A handwritten letter in Arabic and English, certifying Olga George Aboutaja's birthday as October 15, 1893 and baptism as November 26, 1893. Godmother was Farah Rafael. The record also identifies her father as George Aboutaja and was signed by Rev.…

A letter in Arabic handwritten on January 6, 1914 by FR. Basile Nahas, Pastor of Saint Joseph Church. It confirms the birth of Khutar Eid Souri on December 12, 1896. Souri's place of birth is illegible.

Handwritten letter in Arabic and English. The letter certifies that Tom Nassif Ajamie was born on December 28, 1892 and was baptized on February 2, 1893. The letter was signed by Rev. Gabriel Kouri on December 18, 1908.

Date: undated
This handwritten note, signed by Margaret S. Brown, Principal of the Cross Street School, confirms that according to the records of the school Joseph Akey's birthdate as January 25, 1906.

This letter, signed by Rev. Namtallah Jidoun on April 25, 1910, certifies Shafika Anton's birthdate as April 3, 1896, and baptism as April 25, 1896, in Saghbine, Syria.

Date: undated
This letter, handwritten in both Arabic and English, certifies Taraf's, son of Faris Aown, birthdate as July 21, 1896, and baptism on November 26, 1896. His hometown is listed as Saghbeen, Syria. It lists his father as Faris Nekowla Elias Aown and…

Date: undated
This is record is a certificate certifying that Ayda Arrajj is older than 16 years of age. It lists Ayda's date of birth as April 5, 1897, and was signed by M. Schwartz, M.D. It also shows Ayda's address as 2 Bennington St.

Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Youssed Mansour Al Qizzi on January 28, 1913. It confirms the birthdate of Eskander Youssef Shaheen AlKhouri as November 1, 1897.

Date: circa 1932
This record, produced by St. Anthony's Church at 256 Elm St., Lawrence, Massachusetts, confirms George Assad's date of birth as May 17, 1917, and date of baptism as July 15, 1917. It lists his father as Charles Assad and mother as Freda Assad. The…

Date: 1913 June 16
This letter, dated June 16, 1913, was handwritten by Father Georges Kallass. It confirms Najeeb Assad's birthdate as October, 1896 and states that the Father performed his baptism at the St. Shalitah Church on October 23, 1896. It lists his father as…

Date: 1906 July
This birth record, issued by St. Anthony Syrian Maronite Roman Catholic Church at 256 Elm St., Lawrence, Massachusetts, lists Alice Assaf's date of birth as March 5, 1906, and date of baptism as July 3, 1906. It also provides her father's name,…

This letter, written from Saghbin, Syria, on October 8, 1911, states that Temam was born on May 29, 1895, and was baptized on July 2, 1895. It provides the name of her father, George Aoun, and her godmother, Mrs. Handouma Khalil Ghanim.

Date: 1911 June 10
An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Andraous Essa on June 10, 1911. It confirms the birthdate of Rasheedy Youssed al Batel on July 14, 1895, and baptism on September 25, 1895.

Date: 1907 July 20
A handwritten letter in Arabic from Priest Koury Mikael Koury, written on July 20, 1907. It is also translated into English. It certifies Elias Mousa Bicharah's birthdate as August 2, 1893, and his baptism date as September 1, 1893.
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