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رسالة من (الاسم غير مذكور فقط جريدة البرق) الى امين الريحاني بتاريخ 20 ايلول 1910. فيها يخبر الكاتب الريحاني بالاحوال المحلية والاقليمية في لبنان وسوريا والاستانة. الاسماء المذكورة في الرسالة: امين تقي الدين، وحبيب الجاره، والشيخ اسكندر، ودلعم ابو…

This manuscript is a novelette by Ameen Rihani titled Juhan. It is described in the manuscript as, "A Turkish woman has her way, during the World War, with a German officer." The novel is important for the attention it pays to the changing social and… PDF.pdf

This manuscript, as described in the foreword, is meant to awaken an interest in the Near-East for Americans, give them a better understanding of Islam and the modern reforms it was undergoing, and bring an appreciation to the Arab movement. Rihani… PDF.pdf
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