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Date: 1970s c.
A photograph of Brad Ellis, Delor Ellis' son, circa 1970s.

Date: 1970s c.
A photograph of Delor Ellis at Ellis home in Carthage, New York for Christmas circa 1970s.

Card, likely Christmas greetings from Kail.

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Date: 1951 c.
An undated card from Badia Assaf to Angele Ellis circa 1951.

Date: 1960-12-16
A Christmas Card from Chukralla Mubarak to the Ellis family wishing them a Merry Christmas, dated 16 December 1960. Postmarked from Hallandale, Florida with images of Christ and Mary.

Date: 1960-12-20
A Christmas Card from Dave (no surname) to Kail Ellis, dated 20 December 1960.

Date: 1960-12-28
A holiday card from Carlos (no surname) to Kail Ellis dated 28 December 1960. Attached to the inside is a flier in French concerning the charity UNICEF.

Date: 1965
A photograph of Joe Stewart and Lucile Romey. A notation on the back reads "Had copies made of this picture of Joe + Lucile I think it was Xmas 1965 or 1966 not sure He died June 23/1967".

A Christmas Card signed by Leonard J. Oussani, featuring a photo of him

Date: 1947
A Christmas card with picture of four children, listed as Amin, Ferad, Lanie, Nadir, and a note from them to their grandfather Daoud or David. Back of image says December 9, 1947 Photo Albert Beyrouth

Date: 1959
A Christmas card from Rosemarie and (illegible), who were married in 1959, includes two photos of Rosemarie

Date: 1944-12
Nell and George Kahdy standing outside arm in arm. George is wearing his Army uniform while Nell is wearing a skirt suit. The back of the photo says, "At home, D.A. Saleeba, Dothan, Alabama. Xmas 1944"

Date: 1950's
Young George Jr., Georgette, and Barbara Kahdy sit under a Christmas tree and unwrap presents.

Date: 1970
George Kahdy has his arm around his wife Nell and holds her hand. Behind them stands a Christmas tree decorated with a variety of ornaments and tinsel.

Date: 1931-01
Vol. 5 no. 05 of The Syrian World published January 1931. The issue opens with Salloum Mokarzel's telling of his trip through Jebel-Druze, and its capital Soueida which lies in the very heart of the country, the scene of the Great Druze Revolt…
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