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Khayrallah Family


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Materials provided by Moise and Vera Khayrallah.
Dr. Moise Anton Khayrallah was born in Ghbaleh, Lebanon in August 1959. In 1981, Dr. Khayrallah graduated with a BA in Psychology from the American University of Beirut; soon after, under a USAID scholarship, he began graduate studies in the same field at the AUB. In 1983 Dr. Khayrallah married former wife Vera Tayeh in Lebanon. One week later, the couple boarded an airplane in Beirut bound for Raleigh, North Carolina. Though they had no family members or connections in North Carolina, the Khayrallahs quickly began to put down roots in Raleigh. The Khayrallahs became naturalized American citizens in 1993.

Dr. Khayrallah pursued his graduate education in North Carolina. He was accepted into UNC-Chapel Hill; he graduated with a PhD in Psychology in 1996. During this decade, Dr. Khayrallah began working at the Burroughs Wellcome Fund on pharmaceutical research and development. This became the foundation of his successful career in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Throughout the 1990s, he advanced quickly in this field, and in 2002 he founded what was to become the first of several pharmaceutical consulting and development companies.

Dr. Khayrallah is an avid philanthropist, using his success to give back to various communities and causes in both Lebanon and the United States. These philanthropic efforts are wide-ranging and encompass both science and the arts. Moise and Vera Khayrallah remained deeply connected to their families in Lebanon and committed to preserving and celebrating their culture in the United States. They are active members of the Lebanese-American community and are leaders in North Carolina organizations like the Triangle Lebanese Association.

In 2010, Dr. Khayrallah joined with Dr. Akram Khater of North Carolina State University in a pilot project to research, preserve, and celebrate the history of Lebanese immigrants in North Carolina; this project resulted in a PBS documentary film, a museum exhibit, and a K-12 curriculum. The success of this initial program led Dr. Khayrallah to establish the Moise A. Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora studies, an endowed research center dedicated to the production, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge and memory about the Lebanese in the United States and throughout the world.

Scope and Content

This collection contains photographs of Moise Khayrallah and Vera Tayeh Khayrallah. It includes images from their youths in Lebanon, photographs of their wedding ceremony, and pictures taken following their immigration to the United States. The latter makes up the bulk of the collection and primarily span the 1980s and early 1990s.


Moise and Vera Khayrallah


Moise A. Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora Studies


1960s-1983 and undated


Moise and Vera Khayrallah
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