Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs Collection, 1933-1995


Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs Collection, 1933-1995


About the Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs:

The Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs (SFSLAC), previously known as the Southern Federation of Syrian Clubs until 1938, was created as a resource for Syrian-Lebanese American heritage, socialization, charity, and the distribution of nationwide information. Habeeb Andrus Amuny, Kamal Antone, Joseph H. Campbell, Bill Anawaty, Margaret Joseph, Hannah Joseph Kadane, Henry Anawaty Sr., Sam Emmett, Herman Mami, Evelyn Kojak, Mary Joseph, Judge Anees Semaan, Saadi Ferris, Anthony Ferris, and Sam Ackels founded the SFSLAC in Port Arthur, Texas on July 4, 1931.

The L’Monar and L’Fatette Clubs organized a gathering to watch the Port Arthur vs. Houston softball game and other exciting festivities on this day, which 400 people attended. A subsequent meeting from September 6-7, 1931, hosted by the Austin Girls’ Friendly Club and the Men’s Capitol Club, produced the Southern Lebanese American Clubs after Mary Joseph locked Southern delegates into a room. During this time, delegates from Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Alabama put together a plan to fulfill the demands of the Lebanese American community. As described by Eileen Cook in a 1980s meeting minutes document, “the federation was founded on love, the love of our heritage, love of our forebearers, and love of the country we live in.”

Despite having committed members, the founders took over a year to organize the first annual convention. During the 1930s, many of the members struggled due to the conditions caused by the Great Depression, and thereafter, the start of World War II. Yet, the membership within the Federation stayed consistent enough to ensure its survival through strife and trials of the time. Many founders assumed positions within the SFSLAC for consecutive years and remained influential until their passing. As conditions improved in the United States, the Federation funded scholarships, put together banquets, and collaborated with other Syrian Lebanese clubs.

Throughout the decades, the Federation has maintained annual and semi-annual conventions, board meetings, and monthly bulletins for its membersThe purpose of the SFSLAC consists of not only maintaining cultural traditions but also upholding American values. Many researchers today focus on Lebanese immigration to Northern and Western states while Southern areas tend to lack attention. This collection, in collaboration with the SFSLAC, is meant to provide a resource for those interested in Lebanese immigration to Southern states. The SFSLAC represents clubs in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia. Ninety years in the future, the Federation continues to be a reliable resource for Syrian Lebanese American generations.

Collection Details:

This club collection includes
1. Constitutions and By-Laws, 1935-1995
2. Meeting Minutes from both conventions and executive board meetings, 1946-1995
3. Official Bulletins, 1933-2020

The digital archive contains items dating between 1933 to 1996. The Khayrallah Center holds materials going through the year 2020, but will release materials one year at a time- For example, we will release the 1997 materials in 2022, the 1998 materials in 2023 and so forth.

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