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A poem written by Angele Ellis, undated.

A poem, undated with an unknown author and unknown recipient.

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A list of the inheritors of Nasif Elias Kmeid, undated.

A fragment from the Hobeiche family records regarding the birth and baptism of Namtallah Hobeiche (spelled Namtallah Galib Yousef Badr Hobeiche) who was born on 22 November 1963. The record is undated, but was translated by Angele Ellis on 16 July…

A note with the name Khalil Slaiman al Tannouri written on it, undated.

A printed eulogy for Badia Hbeish's, mother of Fuad Shehab, funeral written by Yousef Hobeiche.

A copy of the baptism certificate of Toufic Kmeid, from Deir (Church) Mar Abda Al-Mshamar, date of baptism November 14, 1895, by father Aghnatios alAnthony. Certificate signed by father Youssuf Baroud.

An article mourning someone, name not mentioned. likely to be part from a longer article.

Newspaper clippings written in Arabic. Page 1: article by Angele mourning Zareef Estephan Aqiqi, dated Dec. 20, 1966, alHuda Newspaper, no. 81, vol. 69. Page 2, right: article 'Reply to Nemat Abu Zaid' by Angele, dated Oct. 15, 1965. Page 2, left

A newspaper clipping written in Arabic. Only titles: page 1 'East and West in International Politics', page 2 'Sister Bernadette Mary finishes her nursing major'.

An announcement from Villanova University for the introduction of modern standard Arabic to the modern languages curriculum.

A print of a watercolor painting signed 'Dagmar 85'

A newspaper article titled 'Advisory Committee Makes Decisions On Curriculum'. The article written by Kristin Julason is about curriculum changes for Villanova, and features Kail Ellis's thoughts on them.

A newspaper clipping featuring Kail Ellis


A newspaper article published by the Villanovan titled 'Ellis New Dean'. The article is about Kail Ellis's achievements and qualifications that brought him to his new position as dean. Missing the first page.

A newspaper article titled 'Lebanon: Cry, My Beloved Country' written by Mansour Labaky. The article is about the crisis in Lebanon and Labaky's feelings on it.

An article titled 'An American Goes Home To Lebanon' written by Fred J. Maroon. The article is based on a first hand account of Joseph R. Judge's experience in Lebanon.

A newspaper article titled 'Father Ellis to be Guest Speaker at Central Pennsylvania Alumni Club Meeting'. The article shares that Kail Ellis will be joining Villanova alumni for the annual spring dinner on May 8.

An article written in Arabic. Title 'I want to return to Lebanon'.

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A flyer featuring the Mar Elias Convent Ghazir, it shows pictures of the chapel where Angele Ellis' funeral was held

Handwritten Kmeid family tree written on Lebanese American University Board Meeting paper.

A port of arrival spreadsheet for Ellis Island, a highlighted row on this copy mentions Carthage, NY. At the bottom it looks like a search was done for Toufic Ellis. The sheet does not have a year only 'July 29'

A prayer in Arabic for adversities, hardtimes, tribulations.


An article written in Arabic on Danny Thomas and his show 'Road to Lebanon', this is page 5, a continued article from page 4.

A copy of Angele's article 'I want to return to Lebanon'.

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