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Date: 1945 June 04
A certificate of naturalization for Seghan Kmeid (spelled Sagam Hanna Kamide or Sejaan Kmeid) from the United States Department of Justice.

Date: 1914 July 22
A copy of a list of passengers, mentioning Toufic Ellis, coming from Lebanon to the United States on the S.S. Oceanic from Cherbourg, France, dated 22 July 1914.

A telegram from the United States Department of Labor Immigration and Naturalization Services to Angele T. Ellis, dated 17 March 1936.

A newspaper clipping written in Arabic. Dated August 20, 1965. Title: 'Readers' Opinion', Angele writes to Al Hoda newspaper and thanks/praises them for their new section 'Voice from Diaspora'. Angele describes the new section: 'brings Lebanon news…

Date: undated
An article titled 'An American Goes Home To Lebanon' written by Fred J. Maroon. The article is based on a first hand account of Joseph R. Judge's experience in Lebanon.

Date: undated
A port of arrival spreadsheet for Ellis Island, a highlighted row on this copy mentions Carthage, NY. At the bottom it looks like a search was done for Toufic Ellis. The sheet does not have a year only 'July 29'

Date: undated
Arabic article, titled 'Voice from Diaspora' by Maron Abu Zaid, a reply to Angele's article in the same section. Maron's Article asks Lebanese in diaspora to teach young generations about Lebanon, language, culture and history.

Date: undated
A letter from Claudette Haddad to Marie Angele regarding their mothers' friendship. This letter describes how their mothers met and where they decided to settle after arriving in the United States. Claudette Haddad shares that two years prior, her…

Date: undated
A booklet with a brief history of and songs from the Lebanese community in Texas.

Date: undated
A heritage book, The Texians and the Texans: The Syrian and Lebanese Texans, compiled by the University of Texas at San Antonio Institute of Texan Cultures.

Date: 1922
Asaf Kahdy holds his young son, George Kahdy, on their trip from Lebanon to the United States. Asaf Kahdy leans over slightly as he and his son sleep. An unknown woman sits next to them. The back of the photo reads, "My grandfather Asaf George Kahdy…

Mettrey Wehbie Naturalization Certificate

Assif George Kahdy Certificate of Naturalization. Assif was naturalized in Sherman, Texas, on September 12, 1906, but this certificate was issued on April 8, 1947.

Lebanese passport of Sam Norman. While his wife, Rose Nader Norman, became a United States citizen, Sam Norman did not.

Date: 1942 Nov 20
Certificate of Naturalization from the US government for Rose Norman. Includes her information and a photograph.

Date: undated
Alien Registration Receipt Card for Sam Norman with his registration number and signature.

Date: 1987
Proposal titled "The Arab-American Experience" for research in sociology written by Genevieve R. Joseph in the spring of 1987 for a class called Writing in Sociology with Professor John Logan.

Date: circa 1980s
Sociology paper written by Genevieve R. Joseph. Full title of the paper is "The Methodological Problems of Historical Sociology: Case in Point: Determining Historical Sociological Factors Contributing to the 'Ethnic Invisibility' of Early Syrian-Arab…

Date: 1964 Nov 10
Correspondence regarding the topic of "The Lebanese in Poughkeepsie" drafted by Lebanon-American Club secretary Philip J. Andrews and sent to Rev. Father John O'Neill.

Date: 1964 May
Typewritten history of the Lebanon-American Club, founded in 1922 by Captain Michael A. Mokarzel. Possibly written as a speech to be given at a club event.

Date: 1972 11 Nov
Program booklet for the celebration of the Lebanon-American Club 50th anniversary. Includes a program of events, committee lists, and a brief history.

Date: 1977 Dec 8
Program booklet for the celebration of the Lebanon-American Daughters 50th anniversary. Includes leadership and membership lists, a program of events, the Arabic alphabet, a prayer, the national hymn of Lebanon, and more.

Date: circa 1967
Booklet with the constitution and by-laws of the Lebanon-American Daughters Club, an affiliate group of the Lebanon-American Club.

Date: 1960 Jan 16
Invitation from the Lebanon-American Daughters and Lebanon-American Club for Charles and Genevieve Norman Joseph to attend the 25th annual installation of new officers.

Date: 1976 Sep
Photograph of a meeting of the Lebanon-American Daughters in Poughkeepsie, New York. At this meeting the women, listed on back of the photograph, show off their banners for the Bicentennial Parade.
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