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Date: 1987
A brief biographical description of Joseph El-Khouri from an unknown publication, focusing on his civic contributions on both local and state levels.

Date: c. 1945
Caption: "Joseph El-Khouri (second from left) with Father (Rev. Maroun El-Khouri) & Brothers & Sisters in front of their home in Kour, Batroun Lebanon (1945?)". Sister Victorine El-Khouri stands on the far right, but Joe and Sr. Victorine's other…

Date: Unknown
Unknown members of the El-Khouri family in front of landscape.

Date: Unknown
Unknown members of the El-Khouri family in front of a body of water.

Date: Unknown
Unknown members of the El-Khouri family.

Date: Unknown
Rose and Joseph El-Khouri, standing in front of framed photographs.

Date: Unknown
Unknown young man in uniform holding a small child.

Date: Unknown
Unknown members of the El-Khouri family posing in the snow.

Date: Unknown
Unknown members of the El-Khouri family, holding two young girls.

Date: Unknown
A photograph of Corey Martin, son of Theresa El-Khouri and Phil Martin. Martin, a pitcher, played in the Minor League.

Date: Unknown
Unknown members of the El-Khouri family posing with a Christmas tree.

Date: 1980
An article published in a Catholic periodical, Glenmary Challenge, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the El-Khouri family's arrival in Andrews, North Carolina. The article describes the family's history, community involvement, and participation…

Lions International Nomination of Joe El-Khouri for District Governor 31A at Rocky Mount, North Carolina. The pamphlet contains brief biographical information in addition to a list of Joe El-Khouri's many community contributions.

Date: Unknown
Studio portrait of unidentified members of a Lebanese family, ancestors of either Rose Isaac El-Khouri or Joseph Maroun El-Khouri. The photograph was taken in Lebanon, and likely dates from 1870-1910.

Date: Unknown
Unknown members of the El-Khouri family, undated but likely photographed between 1960 and 1980.

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Date: c. 1945
A photograph of Rev. Joseph Michael Maroun El-Khouri, father of Joe El-Khouri, seated in front of his house. Two unidentified men crouch on the bottom right of the photograph.

Date: Unknown
Rose Isaac El-Khouri (second from right) and Joseph Maroun El-Khouri (third from left) with select members of their family at an event. Other individuals in the photograph are unidentified, but likely include some of Joe and Rose's seven children.…

Date: 1960
Article discussing the Andrews, North Carolina 4th of July Celebration. The piece notes the Jabaley's Department Store float by Joe (Joseph Maroun) El-Khouri depicting the Lebanese Flag and ridden by five of his children.
El-Khouri_4th of July Article_ocr_wm.pdf

Date: Unknown
El-Khouri family eating dinner in Lebanon, likely photographed 1960-1990.
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