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Date: 1993 Jun 3
Newspaper article about the Yallah Dance Ensemble's benefit performance for the eba Center for Dance and Movement. Also includes a biography of the ensemble.

Date: undated
Newspaper clipping about Lebanon-American Club dinner featuring mention of Charles Joseph in his capacity as club president.

Date: May 13, 1976
An article in the Andrews Journal announcing Joseph El-Khouri's election as an alternate to represent Cherokee County at the Democratic National Convention. (Folder 12-15)
Khouri 12-15 Clipping_wm.tif

A photo published in the Andrews Journal of the El-Khouri family reunion in Charlotte. (Folder 12-6)
Khouri 12-6 Clipping_wm.tif

An article in the Andrews Journal about the 50th anniversary of Rose and Joseph El-Khouri and the history of the couple. (Folder 12-7)
Khouri 12-7 Article_wm.tif

Clippings from the February 16, 1971, edition of the Jacksonville Daily News showing the dedication of the newly opened Albert J. Ellis Airport. Includes multiple images of speeches being given, politicians on a plane, and the two pilots in theā€¦

Date: 1969
An article praising Albert Ellis for his public service and announcing the name of the Ellis airport in Jacksonville, NC.

Date: 1971
An article from the Jacksonville Daily News describing the joint resolution to honor the memory of the late Albert Ellis during the first meeting of the 1971 North Carolina General Assembly.

Date: 1971
A newspaper clipping detailing a meeting of the 1971 North Carolina General Assembly, which was adjourned early in the memory of Albert Ellis. Second page of article missing.

Date: Unknown
An article (likely from the Asheville Citizen-Times) written by Michael Boulos. (2016 Folder 8-06)
Khouri 8-6 Article_wm.tif

Date: undated
Newspaper article discussing a speech on urban renewal by John Borah hosted by Charles and Genevieve Norman Joseph.
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