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Date: 1990's ?
The Kahdy family poses outside of Martha and George Kahdy's farm house. They are all smiling and are dressed in casual clothing.

Date: 1990's
Kristin and Kathryn Kahdy posing together in matching pink and orange outfits.

Date: 1990-03-15
Press release from March 15, 1990 announcing then-NC Governor Jim Martin's appointment of George A. Kahdy as his senior education advisor

Date: 1995
George Jr., Georgette, Barbara, George and Nell Kahdy smile and pose together in formal clothing. Back caption lists the names of the family members in the photo and dates this photo in 1995.

Date: 1999
An email exchange between Mettrie Lari and her mother Barbara Estes in which they discuss Mettrie's friend who recently had her first child, Mettrie's adjustment to life in New York and her vacation to California.

Date: 1999-07-14
A handwritten card from George Jr., Martha, Kathryn, and Kristin Kahdy wishing Barbara Estes a happy birthday. It seems to have originally been accompanied with a gift. The card also mentions that their mother, Nell Kahdy, seems to be doing better…

Date: 1999
A gathering of the entire Kahdy family posed on the stairs. Caption on the back reads, "Entire Kahdy family before grandchildren."

Date: 1999
The Kahdy family poses on the stairs in casual clothing. The back of the photo lists the name of each family member in the photo and that this was located in Raleigh during the late 1980's.

Date: 1990s
Nell Kahdy and Amelia Salem walk side by side on a sidewalk next to the ocean in Turkey. They are both carrying large bags and behind them stands a large boat named Romanza.

Date: 1990s
George and Nell Kahdy smile as they hold hands and dance. They are both wearing formal attire as they dance by other couples.

Date: 1990s
Nell Kahdy sits in between Amelia Salem on right and unknown woman on left as she smiles. They are all wearing formal attire as they sit on a brown couch.

Date: 1998
A watercolor done by Armenian artist, Jacko Rastekian, of Ameen Rihani 1998.

Date: 1993-09
A census record for Angele Ellis and Toufic Ellis, dated 1932, requested for reproduction on 21 September 1993.

Date: 1994-02
A death certificate for Angele Ellis, dated 13 February 1994.

Date: 1999-11
Two newspaper articles on the Civil Responsibility, Social Justice, and Governance conference held at Lebanese American University in Beirut, Lebanon., dated 17 November 1999 and 20 November 1999.

Date: 1999-11
A newspaper article written by Alia Ibrahim from the Daily Star titled, "Lebanese Duck Their Social Responsibilities", dated 20 November 1999.

Date: 1999-11
A magazine article on the Conference of Civic Responsibility in American Univeristy, Jbeil, titled, "Exchanging Experiences Between Universities", dated 20 November 1999, no author.

Date: 1999-11
A newspaper article written by Pierre Karam and published by Al Anwar,, dated 21 November 1999. The article describes Kail Ellis' position of Dean of Political Science at Villanova.

Date: 1999-11
A newspaper article written by Rima Hajjah and published by the Daily Star titled, "Student 'Must Learn Social Responsibility'", dated 22 November 1999.

Date: 1999-11
A newspaper article written by unknown author and published by Ad-Diyar titled, "A Conference on Civil Responsibility, Social Justice, and Governance,", dated 24 November 1999.

Date: 1999-11
A newspaper article written by unknown author and published by Al Anwar titled, "A Conference on Civil Responsibility and Social Justice", dated 20 November 1999.

Date: 1990
A photograph (left to right) of Alfreda Ellis, Alfred Ellis, Delor Ellis, Toufic Ellis and Angele Ellis sitting at a banquet table for Toufic Ellis' birthday circa 1990.

Date: 1990
A photograph with a written description by Kail Ellis on the history of the Mar Elias Convent in Ghazir, Lebanon taken circa 1990. The photograph resembles what the convent looked like in the 1920's while it went through renovations in the 1990's to…

Date: 1995-10
A photograph of Sister Marie Angele Ellis (Marie Theresa Ellis) and her cousin Marie Hobeiche at Niagara Falls, dated 21 October 1995.

Date: 1999-11
A photograph of Kail Ellis, Jouhaina Hobeiche and Dr. Nabeel Haidar at an engineering event at the American University of Science and Technology, which Villanova University participated in, dated 1999.
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