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What looks to be a luggage tag listing Joe's name and address

Date: 2012
A card detailing biographical information and the funeral details for Joseph El-Khouri. On the front is an image with a quote. card_front_2012_wm.jpg

First Personality of the Week article about Joe's life and a story about his wedding day. Journal_wedding story_1967_crop_wm.jpg

Date: October 1981
Newspaper column which mentions Anthony and Catherine El-Khouri visited their parents, Joe and Rose El-Khouri. Journal_Notes_1981_children visit (2)_crop_wm.jpg

Article about Joe El-Khouri being appointed chairman of the International Exchange Committee of the North Carolina Lions Club Council. Journal_Joseph picked for state committee_1966_crop_wm.jpg

Date: October 1966
Article regarding the Andrews PTSA Harvest Sale auction where Joe El-Khouri served as auctioneer. JOurnal_Harvest Sale_Oct 27 1966_crop_wm.jpg

An undated photograph of Joseph and Rose El-Khouri taken at their anniversary party. A young boy stands in front of Joe. Maroun and Rose Isaac4_wm.jpg

An article published in The Andrews Journal about Joseph El-Khouri's attendance of the Small Business Conference and the resolutions passed there. (Folder 12-34)
Khouri 12-34 Article_wm.tif

A letter from Loretta Bub to Joseph El-Khouri with possible leads to locate a woman named "Tamine" he was searching for. (Folder 4-31)
Khouri 4-31 Letter_wm.pdf

A pamphlet outlining the installation ceremony for Lions officers presided by Joseph El-Khouri. (Folder 4-30)
Khouri 4-30 Program_wm.pdf

Date: Unknown
A list of members of the Diocesan Pastoral Council. Joseph El-Khouri is listed as a member of the Waynesville Deanery. (Folder 4-25)
Khouri 4-25 List_wm.pdf

A letter to members of the diocesan pastoral council (Joseph El-Khouri) concerning an upcoming meeting and the constitution of the council. (Folder 4-24)
Khouri 4-24 Letter_wm.pdf

Minutes from a meeting of the Diocesan Pastoral Council (which Joseph El-Khouri was a member) including a progress report from the "Respect Life" committee. "Folder 4-22)
Khouri 4-22 Meeting_wm.pdf

Minutes from the meeting of the Glenmary Sisters advisory council, which Joseph El-Khouri was a member of. (Folder 4-21)
Khouri 4-21 Meeting_wm.pdf

Letters concerning Joseph El-Khouri's business related to the Church. (Folder 4-20)
Khouri 4-20 Letters_wm.pdf

Date: May 8. 1975
Minutes from the meeting of the Glenmary Sisters advisory council, which Joseph El-Khouri was a member of. (Folder 4-18)
Khouri 4-18 Meeting_wm.pdf

Minutes from the meeting of the Glenmary Sisters advisory council, which Joseph El-Khouri was a member of. (Folder 4-17)
Khouri 4-17 Meeting_wm.tif

Minutes from the meeting of the Waynesville Deanery (of which Joseph El-Khouri was chairman). (Folder 4-16)
Khouri 4-16 Meeting_wm.pdf

An appreciation certificate for Joseph El-Khouri from United Way for outstanding volunteer leadership. (Folder 6-10)
Khouri 6-10 Certificate_wm.tif

A letter from the Department of Transportation about the Joseph El-Khouri Bridge Dedication and the pictures taken at the ceremony. (Folder 6-8)
Khouri 6-8 Letter_wm.tif

Date: Circa 1980s
A collection of miscellaneous documents, including business cards, a letter, notes, receipts, and a United Way pamphlet. (Folder 6-6)
Khouri 6-6 Miscellany_wm.pdf

Meeting Minutes from the Small Business Advisory Council concerning the gross receipts tax, the intangibles tax, and the inventory tax. The meeting was attended and called to order by Joseph El-Khouri. (Folder 6-5)
Khouri 6-5 Minutes_wm.pdf

The program from the 20th annual Governor's Volunteer Awards (presided by James B. Hunt, Jr.). Joseph and Rose El-Khouri are mentioned under multiple categories. (Folder 6-4)
Khouri 6-4 Program_wm.pdf
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