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Date: 2001-07-20
A letter from Anne Tyler to Nell Kahdy in which she is overjoyed to have heard from Nell. She reflects on her education from Needham Broughton and says she thinks it provided a better education than current schools. Dated July 20, 2001.

Date: 2001-2002
A signed holiday card from Barbara Estes' ESL class to Barbara Estes. This class is held at the Highlands Falls Country Club in Highlands, North Carolina. Caption on the back reads, "Barbara's ESL class of HFCC 2001-02."

Date: 2002
Folder from Aunt Virginia containing negatives of Marta and Habib Sawaya. Note to Barbara Estes from Ginny regarding the Negatives. She asks Barb to hang on to them. Negatives of Marta and Habib in which Martha is standing next to Habib who is…

Date: 2002-02-28
A forwarded email from Mettrie to her mother from a Belarusian student, Alexander Balyka, who had coincidentally met Barbara at the Highlands Fall Country Club in Highlands, North Carolina. He mentions that with her help, he is able to gain admission…

Date: 2002-07-16
A handwritten card from Nell Kahdy to her daughter Barbara Estes in which she thanks her for the gifts she sends. She also reminisces about how thankful she is to have had such wonderful children. At the bottom there are two notes. One is from George…

Date: 2004-02-07
A card from Nell and George Kahdy to Barbara and Jim Estes wishing them a good time in Arizona. She also talks about the weather and how she's grateful for the communication she has with her children and grandchildren. Dated February 7, 2004.

Date: 2005-07-11
A handwritten card from Mettrie Lari to her mother Barbara Estes in which she mentions spending Barbara's birthday with her in Highlands, North Carolina. She sends early birthday wishes and thanks her for her support. Dated July 11, 2005.

Date: 2005-07-20
A handwritten letter from Bill (William S. Elias) to Jim and Barbara complimenting them on the party that was thrown in honor of George and Nell Kahdy.

Date: 2005-12-09
A letter from Catherine Keen to Barbara Estes in which she apologizes for the amount of time it has taken her to send a photocopy of the Maloof song book that she donated. She also mentions that due to the condition of the book, she decided to use a…

Date: 2000's
A short thank you letter from Iyali Ruiz to Barbara Estes. It mentions how much Barbara Estes helped out Iyali Ruiz and how much she means to her.

Date: 2000's ?
A card from Mettrie Lari that refers to a trip that her mother Barbara and Jim Estes went on. The outside of the card is a side note from Mettrie Lari wishing Barbara Estes a happy Mothers' day.

Date: 2000's ?
A handwritten card from Mettrie Lari to Barbara Estes thanking her for the wonderful time they had together during her visit over the holiday season.

Date: 2000's ?
A handwritten note from young Kristin Kahdy to Barbara and Jim Estes in which she thanks Barbara for taking her on a trip to Atlanta, Georgia.

Date: 2003
Article "Macon's Syrian Peddler" written by Barbara McRae for the "Know Your County" column in January 7, 2003.

Date: 2006
Mettrie's (daughter of Barbara Estes) wedding to John Lari as family members surround the couple in the middle. Caption on the back reads, "Barbara Kahdy Estes' daughter, Mettrie's wedding to John Lari", 2006

Date: 2006-01-06
A letter from Catherine Keen to Barbara Estes in which she acknowledges the donation given to the National Museum of American History and states that the donation has been added to the existing Naff Arab American Collection. She also thanks her for…

Date: 2006-04-02
A handwritten letter from Georgette Kahdy to her sister Barbara Estes in which she compliments Mettrie and John Lari's relationship. She also thanks Barbara for a pillow she sent. Dated April 2, 2006.

Date: 2006-05-09
A handwritten letter from Georgette Kahdy to her sister Barbara Estes in which she thanks her for her help. Dated May 9, 2006.

Date: 2008
A letter from Iyali Ruiz and Tran that states how meaningful Barbara Estes is to them and that for Thanksgiving she wanted to recognize how thankful they are for having her in their lives.

Date: 2009
A series of scenes with both Barbara Estes and Callie Stanley. The top of the first page says, "obtained from Callie when we had lunch in Fayetteville, North Carolina." Dated June 2009. A newspaper article of Callie Stanley's life as she was growing…

Date: 2003
A carving on granite done by Georgian artist, Larissa Melnikova Karam, of Ameen Rihani 2003.

Date: 2004
A bronze sculpture by Lebanese artist, Pierre Karam, of Ameen Rihani's head 2004.

Date: 2009
A ink and watercolor drawing done by Pierre Sadeq of Ameen Rihani 2009.

Date: 2000
A photograph and description of Edmond el Khazen, Angele Ellis' first cousin on her mother's side, written by Kail Ellis circa 2000's. The photograph is undated, and the Khayrallah Center does not hold the original copy of this item.

Date: 2000
An article written by Kail Ellis on the history of the Hobeiche (spelled Hebashe) family from Ghazir, Lebanon, circa 2000's.
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