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Date: May 1969
A Certificate of Retirement from the Armed Forces, specifically the Army, given on May 5, 1969 to Joseph Salem Retirecrop_wm.jpg

Date: Jan-62
A snapshot of Amelia and Joseph Salem, sitting together indoors.

Date: 1-Jul-63
Joe Salem's certificate of transfer to the Retired Reserve, created on July 1, 1963. Joseph Salem had reached the rank of Major.

Date: Dec-65
News Article in The Syrian-Lebanese Star "The Mittrys - 800 Years in Construction", pg 33, December 1965

Date: 1964
Article "70 High School Students From Raleigh To Study in France, Austria and Spain" about Nell Mettrey Kahdy taking students to study in Europe.

Date: 1962
1962 Europe Tour with Mrs. Nell Kahdy Brochure, $986/student for 5 week trip, June 16- July 21 1962

Article from "This Week's Salute" in The Raleigh Times (Women's World section) about Nell Mettrey Kahdy's teaching career and style.

Date: Feb-66
Article from February 5, 1966 in The Atlanta Constitution "American Pupils Abroad Heard Just French

Article in The Raleigh Times "Around the world in 80 ways" writes about Nell Kahdy's teaching career and how she began the annual European trip for students. Likely published in the 1970's or 1980's.

Date: Jan-62
Article with photos from January 13, 1962 in The Raleigh Times about the trip and itenerary for the European school trip she would be leading that summer. A small photograph of Nell is in the corner, likely a passport photo.

Article titled, "Students Strike Out on Their Own" Article from The Raleigh Times. The article quotes Nell Kahdy regarding an independent study program. Most likely published in the 1960's.

A photograph of a young Vera with six unidentified people, most likely family members, taken some time in the 1960's.

Date: 1966
A photograph of a young Moise at his First Communion dressed in church attire holding a rosary and small book.

First Personality of the Week article about Joe's life and a story about his wedding day. Journal_wedding story_1967_crop_wm.jpg

Article about Joe El-Khouri being appointed chairman of the International Exchange Committee of the North Carolina Lions Club Council. Journal_Joseph picked for state committee_1966_crop_wm.jpg

Date: October 1966
Article regarding the Andrews PTSA Harvest Sale auction where Joe El-Khouri served as auctioneer. JOurnal_Harvest Sale_Oct 27 1966_crop_wm.jpg
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