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Date: 1894
An envelope with F.D. Maghak, Bagdad, across the top, addressed to the "Oussani Bro's" 16 East, 23rd Street, New York (U.S.A.)." The envelope is dated May 20, 1894.

Date: 1893
This is old Ottoman Turkish. A receipt of money paid by Joseph Oussani to [first name not clear] Rustum.

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Date: undated
An envelope with Arabic written on it
Top: a signature
To the respectful brother Joseph Oussani.

Date: 1893
This is old Ottoman Turkish. It is likely an acknowledgment by a man called "Abdulraheem the son of (name not clear) Hassan Asfahani from the state of Iran and a resident in Najaf" to "Joseph Oussani from Ottoman state who resides in Baghdad." It…

Date: 1893
The last paragraph of an Arabic letter from Thomas Oussani to his sons, Joseph and Yak. Another paragraph features a letter from John Oussani to brothers Joseph and Yak probably from the same letter, dated September 14, 1893, in Baghdad, Iraq. Two…

Date: 1893
A letter to Joseph Oussani from his brother dated March 16, 1893 in Baghdad. Two handwritten English translations and a photocopy of the letter are included in the folder.

Date: circa 1893
An English translation by Leon Bushara or a letter from Boutros (Peter) Oussani to his brother Joseph, probably circa 1893 given the context of travel. A second handwritten copy of the translation is also in the folder.

Date: 1893
An Arabic letter from Joseph Oussani in Baghdad, Iraq, to Chicago, Illinois, dated April 20, 1893. A photocopy of the letter is also in the folder.

Date: 1896
A letter in Arabic from Joseph Oussani in New York to his parents in Baghdad, Iraq, telling them of his marriage to Irish-American Margaret Shea, dated 5 May 1896. Two photocopies of the original, a handwritten English translation by Leon Bushara,…

Date: 1912
A letter from Margaret Oussani to her Grandma, dated 12 February 1912 written from Egypt.

Date: 1929
A letter written in Arabic to Joseph Oussani from the Gorra Brothers of Shanghai, China.

Date: 1930
An envelope addressed to Mr. Joseph Oussani, return address marked as Gorra Brothers, Shanghai, China. Inside the envelope is a letter written in Arabic.

A letter, written 30 Jan 1934, from Harlem Hospital in New York, certifying that Joseph Oussani, 54 years of age, was admitted on January 19, diagnosed with a fractured skull and diabetes, and died on 21 January 1934.

A Christmas card sent to Mrs. Oussani, postmarked 1936, still in original envelope. The card features a drawing of the pyramids in Egypt and says "Wishing You a Happy Christmas and a Bright New Year."

Date: 1896
A letter written by Joseph Oussani dated 5 May 1896. Joseph announces his upcoming marriage to a young Irish Catholic American girl to his parents in Baghdad, begging their blessing since they could not be there. He mentions that his brothers, Yak…

Date: 1921
A letter written in French addressed as a Circular to all of the L Sisters. The letter states: "The respectable L. Les Amis du progrès (Friends of Progress) order of Mansourah work under the auspice of the Great Orient of France, issues Nasri…


Date: 1941 June 08
A telegram, in its original envelope, from the quartermaster general of the US Army to Nasri Fuleihan requesting if he would accept a possible indefinite appointment as associate structural engineer, dated 8 June 1941, and another slip of paper…

A letter from Anis Fuleihan at Indiana University to Dorothy 'Dot' Fuleihan in Bronx, NY, postmarked 1 November 1949.

Date: 1949
Dorothy Fuleihan's wedding announcement to Francis P. O'Keefe. "Miss Fuleihan, Mr. O'Keefe, To Be Married."

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A letter from Pvt. N. Fuleihan stationed at Camp Chaffee, Arkansas, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank O'Keefe dated 18 November 1951. Another letter written in pencil is included, but not dated.

Date: 1953 April
A letter written by Neville Fuleihan in April 1953 to Dorothy with a newborn baby Gail.

A letter from Matthew McEvoy, Supervisor of Trustees Office, to Margaret Oussani setting up an appointment to discuss perpetual care of the mausoleum, dated 19 September 1960.

A letter from Margaret Oussani responding to Matthew McEvoy regarding perpetual care costs, dated 16 September 1960.

Date: 1960 May 16
A letter from Matthew McEvoy, Supervisor of Trustees Office, to Margaret Oussani setting up an appointment to obtain the key to the mausoleum, dated 16 May 1960.

A letter from Russel Ficke, Superintendent of Calvary Cemetery, to Margaret Oussani, returning the key to her vault and providing information on perpetual care costs, dated 20 November 1967.
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