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Date: 1893
The last paragraph of an Arabic letter from Thomas Oussani to his sons, Joseph and Yak. Another paragraph features a letter from John Oussani to brothers Joseph and Yak probably from the same letter, dated September 14, 1893, in Baghdad, Iraq. Two…

Date: 1893
A letter to Joseph Oussani from his brother dated March 16, 1893 in Baghdad. Two handwritten English translations and a photocopy of the letter are included in the folder.

Date: circa 1893
An English translation by Leon Bushara or a letter from Boutros (Peter) Oussani to his brother Joseph, probably circa 1893 given the context of travel. A second handwritten copy of the translation is also in the folder.

Date: 1912 May 13
A personal testimony by Joseph Nassif of Dover, New Hampshire, given on May 13, 1912. It translates the Arabic letter sent to certify Jadoun Hatem's age. Nassif testifies that Jdou [Jadoun] Hatem was baptized on May 8, 1896, in Hammana, Lebanon. It…

Date: 1913 Dec 22
An Arabic letter handwritten on December 22, 1913. The top portion is written by Rev. Eshahia Kefoury and certifies that Tooma Joseph Zaidan al Kassouf was baptized on July 5, 1895, by Rev. Ehalia Kefoury. It lists his mother as Helena Zhaib and…

Date: 1909 May 2
A letter stating that Nejib Khelil Yusif Sallum was born on January 12, 1894, and baptized on January 22, 1894. His godfather is listed as Elias Khelil and his godmother as the wife of Elias [name unknown, ? aroon]. It was written by Father Khouri…
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