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A news article highlighting Fayrouz's upcoming concert at Jones Hall in Houston, Texas on October 14, 1971.

A promotional flyer for Fayrouz's concert presented by the Forum of Arab Art and Culture in Houston, Texas on October 14, 1971.

A program book for Fayrouz's concert in Houston, Texas on October 14, 1971.

The translations from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran and sung by Fayrouz at her concert in Houston, Texas presented by the Forum for Arab Art and Culture on October 14, 1971.

Parade Newspaper's "'We're Proud of our Heritage'" article written by Casey Kasem, featuring Paula Abdul, Professor Elias Corey, Senator George Mitchell, Doug Flutie, Dr. Michael DeBakey, and Donna Shalala, and published on January 18, 1994.

Date: undated
A list of famous Arab-Amerians, including athletes, politicians, and entertainers compiled with the cooperation of American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, the Arab American Institute, the Arab American Press Guild of Los Angeles, and the…

Date: circa 1928
A photo of an unidentified man feeding birds in a public square.

Date: 2011
The script for the part of Dr. Florence Ravenel in the play "Walk in the Park."

Date: undated
A blank postcard of “Bobker’s Twelve Sons of the Desert in a Novelty Act.” This is an example from 1912 of an Arab troupe of entertainers not run by Arabs. The child is George Hamid with his cousins

A postcard depicting Dreamland Circus and Side Show on Surf Avenue at Coney Island, NY. The postcard contains writing from Job Walker to F. Brittenboker from August 6, 1922.

Date: circa 1900
A photograph of Phares and Kaleel Behannesey, who toured and performed around America, dated around 1900.

Date: 1927
A 1927 talent booking catalogue from "Wirth & Hamid: World’s Greatest Attractions."

Date: circa 1962
A portrait photograph of Danny Thomas signed with the inscription: "To Mitchell Rabil: With Affection, Danny Thomas." Danny Thomas was a Lebanese-American actor, comedian, radio entertainer, and musician. Though undated, the photograph likely…

Date: circa 1962
A photograph of Mitchell G. and Trudy Rabil with Lebanese American entertainer and philanthropist Danny Thomas. The photograph was taken at the fundraiser for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital in New York City.

Date: undated
Draft of a letter from actor Frank Lackteen to, then Screen Actors Guild president, George Chandler on his lack of pension and inability to find work and pay dues towards the guild.
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