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Date: 1893
Portrait of Joseph Oussani wearing a Fez. Printed in Chicago.

Date: 1893
An envelope with F.D. Maghak, Bagdad, across the top, addressed to "Messieurs Joseph + Jacob Oussani," labeled "In the Persian Section of the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago." Stamps on the envelope indicate it was posted in 1893.

Date: 1893
"Yousef" (Joseph) Oussani's ticket booklet to the Chicago World's Fair, 1893. Given to him as an employee for the Turkish Village.

Date: 1893
This is old Ottoman Turkish. It is likely an acknowledgment by a man called "Abdulraheem the son of (name not clear) Hassan Asfahani from the state of Iran and a resident in Najaf" to "Joseph Oussani from Ottoman state who resides in Baghdad." It…

Date: 1893
An Arabic letter from Joseph Oussani in Baghdad, Iraq, to Chicago, Illinois, dated April 20, 1893. A photocopy of the letter is also in the folder.

Date: 1893
A statement from William B. Hess, the United States Consul General at Constantinople, certifying that Joseph "Yousoph" Oussani and 12 others are "engaged in business in the Ottoman Section of the World's Columbian Exposition of Chicago," dated 1st…

Date: 1893
An Arabic travel journal written by Joseph Oussani detailing his journey from Baghdad, Iraq, to the 1893 Chicago World's Columbian Exposition in Illinois. A translation by Leon Bushara is also included.

Date: 1942
"Epithalamium Variations for Piano and String Orchestra" by Anis Fuleihan. Copyright 1942 by G. Schirmer, Inc., New York, New York. Stamped from Spicer Music Box, Decatur, Illinois.

Date: 1944
"Harvest Chant" for Piano by Anis Fuleihan, marked Spicer Music Box, Decatur, Illinois on bottom and John E. Balamos, Phi Mu Alpha on top. Copyright 1944 by G. Schirmer, Inc. of New York, New York.

Date: 1946
"Fifteen Short Pieces for Piano" by Anis Fuleihan, signed to and marked by John E. Balamos, Phi Mu Alpha, and marked by Spicer Music Box, Decatur, Illinois. Copyright 1946 by Carl Fischer, Inc., New York.

Date: 1950
"From the Aegean" for Piano by Anis Fuleihan featuring movements Serenade, Tango, Sicilienne, Greek Dance, marked Spicer Music Box Decatur, Illinois. Copyright 1950 by Southern Music Publishing Co., New York, New York.

Date: undated
A 1950s Nabisco identification card for Victor Kuri (senior) from his time working in the Nabisco production line in Chicago. According to Maximo, Victor's job was to transport trays of finished baked products to packaging and replacing full trays…
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