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Date: 1946
A photograph of four members of the Zaytoun family taken in Atlantic Beach. A life preserver between them reads, "Surf Club." Ellis Zaytoun stands in a light-colored suit next to his wife, Isabelle Zaytoun, who is wearing a white dress with a…

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Date: undated
A digital photograph of a black and white image of the Zaytoun News Agency in New Bern, North Carolina. Three unidentified people stand in the doorway, and a portion of a branded van is parked in front of the building.

A photograph of a large group of people, presumably Zaytoun relatives, standing or sitting together outside of a brick building.


A Zaytoun & Associates Insurance advertisement clipped from a newspaper. Pixelated professional headshots of Joseph Zaytoun, Stephen K. Zaytoun, and Ellis Zaytoun are displayed on the left side of the ad. It is titled, "Three Generations of…

Date: 1963
A signed photograph of Ellis and Isabelle Zaytoun standing with Governor Sanford which reads, "Best wishes to my friends Mr. and Mrs. Zaytoun. Terry Sanford." Ellis Zaytoun stands in a dark-colored suit holding a cigar butt while Isabelle Zaytoun…

A certificate presented to Joseph Ellis Zaytoun by the State of North Carolina reappointing him to the Tryon Palace Commission. The certificate is signed by Governor James B. Hunt, Jr., and Secretary of State Elaine Marshall. The Tryon Palace…

Date: 1994
An article excerpted from an unknown newspaper titled "Hunt's Pick for Commission Has Helped at Rex 36 Years." The article describes Thelma Knuckley Zaytoun's decades of volunteer work which preceded her appointment to the North Carolina Commission…

Date: 2002
A photograph of the Zaytoun family home in New Bern, North Carolina, where Stephen Zaytoun was born.

Date: circa 1942
A portrait photograph, identified as "Thelma [Knuckley]'s brother," depicts Stephen Joseph Knuckley during his World War II military service circa 1942. He is wearing a formal U.S. military uniform with a patch that reads "Training Command." There…

Date: 1960s
A photograph of Governor James Terry Sanford standing next to President John F. Kennedy.

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Date: 1910s
A studio photograph of Martha Marsha Knuckley in a formal, dark-colored dress with a brooch.

A letter to Joseph Zaytoun from Vernon Malone of the Wake County Board of Commissioners thanking him for his participation on the Wake County Historic Preservation Commission.

A letter from Governor Easley to Joseph Zaytoun reappointing him to another four-year term on the Symphony Society Board of Trustees.

Date: circa 1923
A studio portrait of the five Knuckley Children. All of the children are wearing formal attire. Two of the children sit on a detailed wooden chair while their three siblings stand around them.

A screenshot capture of the Zaytoun & Associates, Inc. website that includes their About Us page, pictures and list of their employees, and insurance information.

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An article that includes an interview with Joseph Zaytoun about his life and work. Includes a list of all of his accomplishments and affiliations.

Date: undated
A transcript of a talk given by Joseph Zaytoun to the Triangle Lebanese Association about the impact of Lebanese in America, in which he speaks about his family's experience living in North Carolina.

A letter from Jerry L. Cross, Researcher at the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources to Joseph Zaytoun regarding a research request on the Lebanese in New Bern. Included is a census list from 1910.

A letter from Vernon Malone, Wake County Board of Commissioners to Joseph Zaytoun thanking him for his service as a member of the Wake County Historic Preservation Commission.

A letter from E. Rhone Sasser to Joseph Zaytoun thanking him for his and his family's support of United Carolina Bankshares.

A typed biography of Joseph Zaytoun that includes various sections listing his accomplishments and affiliations

Date: 1991
An article about Joseph Zaytoun's continuing leadership with the historic Tryon Palace in New Bern and past accomplishments.

Date: 1940s
A portrait photograph of Joseph Zaytoun in his military uniform and garrison cap during World War II. On his coat pocket, shirt collar, and cap he is wearing a multitude of pins.

Date: 1910s
A weathered photograph of Joseph Zaytoun's grandfather in a dark-colored suit and striped tie.


Date: 2000s
A photograph of Joseph Zaytoun's office wall and decorative table. On the table stands several photographs of Joseph Zaytoun in military uniform and a few books. On the wall hangs a variety of framed certificates, articles, and photos.
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