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Date: 1916-07-12
A letter from Salvador Alvarado to Ameen Rihani, dated July 12, 1916.

Date: 1914-07
A letter from Ameen Rihani to unknown, dated July 1914.

Date: 1919-11-17
A letter to Justo Acevedo from V. Carranza, dated November 17, 1919.

Date: 1939-05-08
Spanish document from the Commissariat of Spain. May be a visa of some kind for Ameen F. Rihani's visit to Spain. Dated May 8, 1939.

Date: 1938-06-28
A letter from High Commissioner of Spain to Ameen F. Rihani. Dated June 28, 1939.

Date: 1940-02-10
A letter from High Commissioner of Spain to Ameen F. Rihani, dated February 10, 1940.

A letter from Ministry of Government Spain to Ameen F. Rihani, undated. Date suggested by third party, 1940.

Date: 1939-05-23
Travel Authorization for Ameen Rihani, dated May 23, 1939.

Document of protection in Spain and Spanish controlled Morocco

Date: 1912
An immigration record for Nasib Dow created in 1912. On the front is a document issued upon his passage on an Austro-Americana line sailing from Argentina. Another name is listed along with Dow's, though it is illegible.

Date: Unknown
A warning from the Anderson Uniform Company about their return policy. Perhaps related to El-Khouri's Department store. (Folder 13-13)


Khouri 13-13 Notice_wm.pdf
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