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Date: Circa 1930
A photo of Lila (left) and Yemna Mokarzel playing in the snow in front of their home in Cranford, New Jersey. (Folder 2-1-7-5)
Mokarzel 2-1-7-5 Snow_wm.jpg

Date: Unknown
A photo of a blizzard taken by Alice and sent to Mary Mokarzel. Alice's note concerning the photo is included. (Folder 2-1-5-6)
Mokarzel 2-1-5-6 Blizzard_wm.pdf

Another snowy photo from the El-Khouri living room of their street (Folder 2-25).
Khouri 2-25 Photo_wm.tif

Photograph of the El-Khouri's street facing the mountains from the living room. There is snow on the ground (Folder 2-24).
Khouri 2-24 Photo_wm.tif

The El-Khouri children and friends play in the snow in Andrews, NC (Folder 2-22).
Khouri 2-22 Photo_wm.tif

Date: Unknown
Unknown members of the El-Khouri family posing in the snow.
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