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A photo published in The Andrews Journal showing Joseph El-Khouri being sworn in as a replacement School Board Member. (Folder 12-22)
Khouri 12-22 Clipping_wm.tif

Date: 1993
Claude Shiver sits with his father-in-law, Joseph El-Khouri, as he interviews him for the family history (Folder 2-36)
Khouri 2-36 Photo_wm.tif

Another snowy photo from the El-Khouri living room of their street (Folder 2-25).
Khouri 2-25 Photo_wm.tif

Photograph of the El-Khouri's street facing the mountains from the living room. There is snow on the ground (Folder 2-24).
Khouri 2-24 Photo_wm.tif

Date: Unknown
Theresa and Rose El-Khouri take a photo milling about a table full of food at the Shiver house (Folder 2-14).
Khouri 2-14 Photo_wm.tif

Fadi and Tony El-Khouri lounge around the table after eating a meal with Marsha and Claude Shiver (Folder 2-8).
Khouri 2-8 Photo_wm.tif

Date: August 1987
Rose El-Khouri holds her infant grandson, Corey, in her arms. here is a dog on the couch as well (Folder 2-7).
Khouri 2-7 Photo_wm.tif

Date: Unknown
caption: "el Dar, where Wael grew up"
A photograph of a childhood home of Wael Abou-Chakra
Abou-Chakra_el Dar - where Wael grew up_wm.jpg

Date: Unknown
Caption: "Outside of Ammatour, the house I grew up in."
Lama Abou-Chakra's childhood home outside of Ammatour, Shouf, Lebanon.
Abou-Chakra_outside of Ammatour - the house I grew up in_wm.jpg

Date: 1920s
A photograph from the Mansour family photo album of two women and a young man standing outside in front of a house.

Date: 1920s
A photograph from the Mansour family album of three unidentified adults--two women, a young man, and a toddler standing together in front of a house.

Date: Unknown
A photo of the Mansour family home in Rocky Mount.

A photo of the Mansour family home in Rocky Mount.

A photo of the Mansour family home in Rocky Mount.

A photo of unidentified members of the Mansour family.

A photograph of the Mansour family home.

A photograph of houses in Lebanon taken by an unknown Mansour family member from the window of an automobile. In the background is a mountain; in the foreground, grass and other plants and shrubbery and the window of the vehicle.
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