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Date: 1969-12-19
An article published in the Camp Lejeune Globe newspaper concerning the contributions made by the late Albert Ellis to the USO, dated December 19, 1969

A photograph of Albert Ellis (center) in uniform with two unidentified people.

Date: circa 1942
A photograph of Amelia and Joseph Salem , outdoors in front of flowering trees. An unidentified woman is in the left distance. Amelia is dressed in a ruffled polka-dotted dress with hat and gloves

A photo of Betrus Dahar Rabil with his mother, Susie Safy Rabil.

Date: 2001
The autobiography of Edward C. Saleeby, revised in 2001. It contains detailed reminiscences of his childhood, time serving in the United States military during World War II, and his marriage and children. In addition to covering Saleeby's own life,…
2001_EC Saleeby AutobiographywmR.pdf

Joe Salem photographed with his wife Amelia Wehbie sitting together dressed in their military uniforms. Joe was in Army intelligence and Amelia was in the Red Cross from 1942 to 1944. UniformSeatedcrop_wm.jpg

Date: circa 1943
A snapshot of Joseph and Amelia Salem standing together outdoors, both dressed in military uniform. Joe was in Army intelligence and Amelia was in the Red Cross during World War II. UniformStandingcrop_wm.jpg

Date: 1945
"The picture you just came from was taken in front of the 6th Division Hdqtrs PX, Tsingtao, China, in December, 1945. A young lieutenant then, Joe is now a Life Member of the Tarheel Detachment.

Date: 13-Jun-58
A copy of the letter describing Joe Salem's appointment to the position of Major in the Army Reserves.

Date: May 1969
A Certificate of Retirement from the Armed Forces, specifically the Army, given on May 5, 1969 to Joseph Salem Retirecrop_wm.jpg

Date: Jul-59
A photograph of Joseph Salem, standing outside in his United States Army uniform.

Date: 1-Jul-63
Joe Salem's certificate of transfer to the Retired Reserve, created on July 1, 1963. Joseph Salem had reached the rank of Major.

Leo Moses standing in military uniform.

Leo Moses standing in military uniform.

Date: 1944
Leo Moses serving in the Philippines during World War II. The back of the photo is labeled "Philippines This was taken in untaken territory, of course I didn't know it at the time. Oct. 27 - 1944 -"

رسالة من الدكتور انيس (الاسم الاخير غير واضح) الى امين الريحاني بتاريخ 19 تشرين الاول 1918. فيها يطلب الدكتور، وهو في الجندية، من الريحاني، وكان حينها ذو مركزٍ "في نظارة الحربية" - اي وزارة الدفاع - مساعدته على التعيين كضابط في القسم الطبي او الصحي…

Date: 1926
A photograph of young men in uniform at Fort Bragg.

A photograph of three unidentified men in military uniform from the Mansour branch of the family posing with three unidentified children. They are leaning against a fence; in the background is a park with palm trees on the horizon. Though undated,…
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