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  • Collection: Kmeid-Ellis Collection Series 1: Correspondence and Documents

Date: 1996 July 01
The Ellis family registry from the Lebanese Department of the Interior, which lists names of Toufic's family. Dated (on stamp) July 1, 1996, Junieh, Lebanon.

A pamphlet for a conference called 'Nostra Aetate' hosted by Villanova University as part of the Christians in the Contemporary Middle East Conference Series, 7 November 2019.

An email from Raff Ellis to Kail and Theresa Ellis about the death of Alfred Ellis on 4 April 2019, dated 6 April 2019

Date: 2015 July
A newspaper article about the death of Doris B. Ellis on 13 July 2015

An invitation to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the ordination of: Rev. Arthur Johnson, Rev. Alfred Ellis, Rev. William Faix, and Rev. Gordon Marcellus, dated 16 February 2013

An article entitled 'Fr. Kail C. Ellis, O.S.A., Receives Peace Award'. The article is about Kail Ellis receiving the Peace &

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A speech by Kail Ellis that he gave at the celebration of his 40th year of ordination plus a note to his sister, Theresa, dated 29 September 2007

A program for the 40th anniversary of Kail Ellis' ordination, dated 29 September 2007

Date: 2006
A Saint Augustine prayer card, dated 2006

A card from Robert F. Prevost to Alfred Ellis for his 50th year in 'religious profession', dated 10 September 2005

A newspaper article published in the Carthage Republican Times titled 'Lebanon--Beyond the Evening News'. The article, dated 24 December 1997, was written by Raff Ellis and is about his experience in Lebanon

A Kmeid family descendant chart, dated 2 November 1997

A Kmeid family descendant chart, dated 26 October 1997

A Kmeid family descendant chart, dated 18 October 1997

An Ellis family descendant chart, dated 11 October 1997

An Ellis family descendant chart, dated 5 October 1997

An Ellis family descendant chart, dated 10 August 1997

Date: 1996 July 14
An Ellis family descendant chart, dated 14 July 1996

Date: undated
Handwritten Kmeid family tree written on Lebanese American University Board Meeting paper.

Date: 1994
A speech by Kail Ellis for the inauguration of the Phi Beta Delta Honor Society for Students of international studies at Villanova University in 1994

Date: 1994 July 13
Kail Ellis' commencement speech for the Beirut University College (now Lebanese American University) class of 1994, dated 13 July 1994

Date: undated
A flyer featuring the Mar Elias Convent Ghazir, it shows pictures of the chapel where Angele Ellis' funeral was held


Date: undated
An article written in Arabic. Title 'I want to return to Lebanon'.

Newspaper Written in Arabic, dated April 08, 1994, page 8, alAnwar newspaper. Article by Michel Murad, mourning the death of Angele and her return to Lebanon.
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