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Date: 1929
An article in the Columbia Gazette, published in Lake City Florida on Tuesday, May 21, 1929 "Inquest proceedings In the Romeo Case: Transcript Of Testimony: In the Court of the Justice of the Peace, Tenth District, Columbia County". The article…

Date: 1960
A letter from Herbert B. Attaway, Jr. to Philip J. Moses, dated 4 April 1960, remarking upon the qualities of Philip's mother Fannie Johns Moses.

Amelia Moses Castrinos (right) and possibly her sister Bessie Moses

Date: 1949
A copy of an article (obituary) titled "Final Rites Held for Ellis Moses". Ellis died in 1949. Surviving relatives listed include his children, his nieces and nephews and the Romey children.

Date: 1960
A copy of Fannie Johns Moses's (Mrs. Ellis Moses) obituary, dated 8 April 1960 in the Lake City Reporter & Columbia Gazette. Surviving relatives listed include her children, her nieces and nephews and the Romey children.

Date: 1929
A copy of an article in the Florida Times-Union from Jacksonville,Florida titled "Probe Order Issued for Romeo Case: Governor Orders Investigation in Death of Man and Wife at Lake City". The date is 18 May 1929. The article recounts the timeline of…

The Castrinos family from left to right - Louis, George, Amelia, Nick, and unknown, Little Amelia Castrinos - daughter of Louis - and Kathrine Castrinos

Date: 1949
The death certificate of Ellis Moses. Birth and death dates are recorded as 17 July 1886 and 11 November 1949. His parents are listed as Moses Ellis and Cyoan George. The certificate copy was issued 18 September 2006.

Date: 1929
The death certificate of Fannie Romey. Birth and death dates are recorded as 14 November 1891 and 16 May 1929. Her cause of death is: "Gunshot wound (pistol) to the right chest -- right arm and left arm. Wounds inflicted by police officer about 8:30…

Date: 1929
The death certificate of Nola G. Romey. Birth and death dates are recorded as 18 February 1890 and 17 May 1929. Cause of death is: "Lynched". The certificate copy was issued 18 September 2006.

Date: 1911
Portrait of the Moses family circa 1911. Left to right: Bessie Moses, Fannie Johns Moses, Amelia Moses, Ellis Moses. Amelia Moses was born in August of 1911. A yellow note attached says "Standing is Bessie Baby in lap is Amelia." The note was likely…

Ellis Moses sitting in a rocking chair on the porch of the 608 N. Alachua St. Moses home in Lake City, Florida.

Ellis Moses standing in front of a bench.

Portrait of Ellis Moses in a white shirt and hat. This item is similar to Moses2019021, Moses2019022, Moses2019023, and Moses2019139.

Romey women, likely Leila (left) and Emeline (right). A notation on the back says "Emeline, Leia, Lucille, Romey - not sure".

Date: 1952
A photo titled "My Precious three". Notes at the top and bottom indicate "1952" and "Me, Lucile, Icer, Leila" as the people in the photo. A note on the back reads "adter 1952?"

An envelope mailed from Emeline Romey Stewart to "Miss Sandy Vinson/ 1819 Northgate St./ Durham, NC/ 27704". The return address is "Stewart/ 2598 Pathway Pl./ Mobile, Al./ 36606" A note reads "Photos/ Enclosed/ Do Not Bend". Stamps on the envelope…

The original structure of Epiphany Catholic Church in Lake City, Florida. An inscription on the back says, "Epiphany Catholic Church Catholic Church Lake City, FL". The handwriting of the frist three words appears different than that of the last…

Fannie Johns Moses celebrating Norman Kim Moses's birthday. Seated at the table from left to right: Philip Moses Jr., Norman Kim Moses blowing out his birthday candles, and Noidrie Moses Jr. with Fannie Johns Moses at her house on Alachua St. in Lake…

Fannie Johns Moses standing by a tree in front of a white picket fence. A notation on the back reads, "Mother (sweet face)/ pretty dress". Another version of this photo is Moses2019039.
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