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Date: 1920 Sept 8
A school record for James Kalil created on September 8, 1920, at the Oliver School in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and signed by S.B. Frost, a teacher there. It gives Kalil's date of birth as September 20, 1904, and residence as 68 Hampshire St. The…

Date: 1918
A school record for Jennie Abdullah [Abdulla], born on July 14, 1904. The record was issued by the Massachusetts Departmet of Labor and Industries and was filled out by Margaret S. Brown, an employee at the Cross Street School. Information about…

Date: undated
This handwritten note, signed by Margaret S. Brown, Principal of the Cross Street School, confirms that according to the records of the school Joseph Akey's birthdate as January 25, 1906.

Date: circa 1914
A school record for Joseph Shaheen, born July 15, 1900, and resident at 313 Oak St. It lists information about their studies at the Oliver School and lists father's name as Abdella Shaheen.

Date: 1941
A portrait photograph of Joseph Zaytoun during his time at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in 1941. He is wearing a light-colored, striped suit with a dark-colored patterned tie.

Date: 1936
A New Bern High School monogram certificate awarded to Joseph Zaytoun for superior work in football from 1936 to 1937. Signed below by Coach Frank J. Alkston and Principal J.M. Shields.

Date: 1930 Jan 9
A school record for Josephine Maloof, born May 30, 1916, resident of 468 Hampshire St. The record was created on January 9, 1930. It lists information about Josephine's studies at Lawrence High School and lists her mother as Mrs. Sadie.

Date: 1922 June 9
A school record created on June 9, 1922, for Julia Maloof, born June 8, 1908, residence at 40 Valley St. The record lists information about Julia's studies at the Oliver School and lists her father as William Maloof.

Date: circa 1922
An application for educational certificate for Karim Saliba, age 19, to work at the Pacific Print Works, filled out and signed by the mill's overseer, J.M. Mont, around 1922. It lists Karim's address as 358 Elm St.

Date: 1921 Sept 9
A school record for Katherine Maloof created on September 9, 1921. It indicates that she was born April 8, 1916, and resided at 40 Valley St. The record details information about Katherine's studies at Lawrence High School and names her father as…

A letter, written by G. L. Mulhare, headmaster at Lawrence High School, on March 16, 1944, certifying Lewis A. Corey's birthdate as April 28, 1929.

Date: 1935 Oct 10
A school record for Lillian Mansour created on October 10, 1935. It lists her date of birth as April 10, 1920, and her residence at 386 Elm St. The record lists information about her studies at the Tarbox School in Lawrence, Massachusetts. It lists…

Date: 1926 Oct 11
A school record for Louis Samaha issued on October 11, 1926. It indicates that he was born November 20, 1910, and resided at 143 Myrtle St. It lists information about Louis's studies at the Tarbox School and lists their parent as Sam.

Date: 1919 Jan 17
A school record for M. J. Rizgalla created on January 17, 1919. It indicates that they were born October 15, 1904, and resided at 500 Common St. It lists information about their studies at Warren Street School in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

Date: 1932 April 8
A school record for Mary Nassif, born February 1, 1917, and residing at 369 Elm St. It details her studies at Lawrence High School and lists her father's name as Assad Nassif. The record was stamped by L.J. O'Leary of the Lawrence High School on…

Date: 1913 Aug 19
A Minor's Certificate of Literacy for Mary Sign created on August 19, 1913. It indicates that she lived at 99 Valley St., was more than 16 years old, and was born December 28, 1894, in Syria. It also confirms that she could read and write legibly. On…

Date: circa 1916
A handwritten statement by Mary Greene stating that Michael Habre has sent to Syria for his birth certificate and that his sister, Lamia, was born here and cannot find her birth certificate. It specifies that both children say they are one year older…

A school record from the Franklin Street School, listing Michael Baider's date of birth as November 2, 1905. It shows his residence as 137 Valley St., father's name as Alexander Baider, location of school as Manchester, New Hampshire, and information…

Date: 1916 June
A school record for Michael Habre created in June of 1916. It certifies that he was born on September 5, 1902. It lists Michael's residence as 9 Pine St. and the name of his parent as Fareeda (Haseeda) Habre. It also provides information about…

Date: undated
This is a record, produced by the Oliver School, confirming Najeeb Assaf's graduation from 8th grade. On the back it provides the date of his baptism, March 21, 1900.

Date: 1920 Sept 9
A letter written by Mary E. Leary, Principal at the Amesbury Street School, on September 9, 1920. It certifies that Najeeb [likely James] Kalil was born on September 20, 1904, and enrolled in school on September 11, 1911.

Date: 1912
A transcript for Nasri Fuleihan from Purdue University dated 1908-1912.

Date: 1911
Nasri Fuleihan's transcript from 1911 at Purdue University.

Date: 1912
A transcript from Purdue University for Nasri Fuleihan for June 1912.

Date: 1924 Nov
A record for Nassef Haddad, born February 2, 1910, detailing his school record. Filled out by Lawrence High School, it provides the name of Nassef's father, Abraham, and residence, 281 Hampshire Street.
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