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Date: 1896
A photograph of a peddling Syrian woman in New York and an accompanying caption. These pages are from the book "Street Types of Great American Cities" by Sigmund Krausz, published in 1896.

Date: 1908
Fāṭima al-Badawiyya [Fatima the Bedouin] is the second novel by 'Afifa Karam. It was published in New York City in 1908.
Karam_Fatimah al-Badawiyya_SM.pdf

Date: 1910
Ghādat ‘Amshīt, غادة عمشيت[The Girl from ‘Amshit], is 'Afifa Karam's last novel, published in New York City in 1910.
Ghādat 'Amshīt PDF.pdf

Date: 1923
Al-Nasamāt, النسمات [Breezes], is a collection of essays written by Salma Sa'igh and published in Beirut in 1923.
Salma Sa'igh al-Nasamat_o.pdf

Date: 1923
Al-Kalimāt Al-Khālida, الكلمات الخالدة [Sincere Words] is a collection of speeches and writings written by Salwá Salāmah Aṭlas. It was published in 1923 in Sao Paolo, Brazil.
Salma Salaama Atlas, Jurj Atlas - al-Kalimat al-Khalida_o.pdf
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