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Original certificate of citizenship issued to Sam (Salim) Abdo Parker.

Shikrallah Doumit Farris's certificate of naturalization, issued in 1945, after his marriage to Alma Parker of Elizabethtown, North Carolina.

Date: 1914-07-22
A copy of a list of passengers, mentioning Toufic Ellis, coming from Lebanon to the United States on the S.S. Oceanic from Cherbourg, France, dated 22 July 1914.

Date: 1924-11-22
A certificate of naturalization for Toufic Ellis (spelled Toufee Tarrad Ellis) in the United States of America, dated 22 November 1924.

Date: 1936-03-17
A telegram from the United States Department of Labor Immigration and Naturalization Services to Angele T. Ellis, dated 17 March 1936.

Date: 1937-02-02
A certificate of citizenship from the United States of America Department of Labor for Angele Ellis. Home address listed as 720 Parham Street, Carthage, New York
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