The Syrian World Volume 03, Issue 08


The Syrian World Volume 03, Issue 08


Volume 3 Issue 08 of The Syrian World published February 1929. The issue begins with an article by Joseph W. Ferris titled "Restriction of Immigration." This article relates to the National Origins Clause in the Immigration Act of 1924, which established a quota system for determining how many immigrants could enter the United States, restricted by country of origin. Next is a prose poem by G.K. Gibran titled "The Great Longing," where Gibran names his brother the mountain and sister the sea, showing the connection of human life to nature. Yet another poem follows this one, longer and adopted from Arabic, titled "The Prince and His Beloved." Following it is a story by Ibn El-Khoury about a beggar named Abu-Ali. Rev. W. A. Mansur also has an article in this issue that discusses Syrian-American fellowship. A further discussion on the federation societies formed of Syrian-Americans, this article also includes a progress report of the movement which features a list of societies formed throughout the United States. There is also an address published from the Testimonial Dinner given by admirers of G.K. Gibran in New York January 5, 1929, for the 25th anniversary of his first publication. Lastly there is a continuation of "The Sage of Washington Street" by A. Hakim. The issue concludes with excerpts from the Arab press, the Reader's Forum, and more on political developments in Syria.


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