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Date: 2008
A letter from Iyali Ruiz and Tran that states how meaningful Barbara Estes is to them and that for Thanksgiving she wanted to recognize how thankful they are for having her in their lives.

Date: 1984
A photograph labeled, "Moise Khayrallah cooks turkey for the first time."

A photograph of Agnes Zaytoun standing on a wooden structure. She wears a jacket, skirt, and sunglasses. On the back reads, "Wm. Club grounds. Nov. Thanksgiving day." Dated November 25, 1943.

A photograph of Bert Salem and Bobby Salem on a slide while Vivian Salem stands next to them. Bobby Salem and Bert Salem are stopped in the middle of the slide as Vivian Salem holds Bobby. Bert Salem is positioned behind Bobby and is smiling at the…

A photograph of Bert Salem and Agnes Murman standing outside on Thanksgiving Day. This photograph was taken before Agnes Murman left to go to Cherry Point, NC, to visit Charles Murman. Bert Salem wears a striped shirt and dark-colored pants while…

A letter from Joe Stewart to Emeline Romey written on November 24, 1944. Stewart shares his Thanksgiving experiences and his thoughts about Romey's last visit.

A photograph of Marsha El-Khouri Shiver with her husband Claude and two children, Michael and Thomas, taken on Thanksgiving, 2009.
El-Khouri_Shiver Family Thanksgiving Michael Marsha Claude Thomas 2009.jpg
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