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Date: 1910s
A photograph of Joseph Kmeid, labeled 'Utica distant relative'

Date: 1910s
A photograph labeled 'Khadra, Pop's cousin's children and her husband'

Date: 1910s
A photograph captioned 'Hanna Georges Kmeid, Pop's 1st cousin'

Date: 1910s
A photograph of Yousef Younis and Toufic Ellis from Carthage NY labeled 'Yousef Younis and Pop, cousin to Kmeids in Lebanon'

Date: 1925
A photograph labeled of Khodra, Toufic Ellis' cousin, 1925. Image is labelled, 'Pop's Cousin Khodra 1925'

Date: July 2000
A photograph of Amira and her uncle, Youssef Ishak.
Ishak_Daughter with Relative-wm.jpg
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